Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The 4 Questions Every Tenant Buyer Asks Before Buying My "Rent to Own" Homes.


If you have ever thought about buying a home(s) as "Rent to Own", I want to give you four questions

that you need to ask right away. These questions will give you the advantage over other people for the

following reasons:

  • They will save you time
  • They will save you money
  • Save you Headache and hassles
  • They won’t ask these questions for various reasons
  • Lastly,they simply don't know to ask these questions

Here are the 4 Questions:

1. How Will Your Company Help Me Find The Best Price On The Home

I Want Without Causing Me To Over extend myself? 

Answer: We know and understand that most people worry about the price on a home when 

committing to a huge purchase such as a home. Depending on your wants and needs the price tag 

will vary considerably. Because of this, let's set up a time to talk right away. This will allow the time 

for us to discuss all the key elements, details, and facts with you. Ensuring it goes smoothly, safely, 

legally and that the monthly payments fit within your budget. My business partner and I will talk 

with you personally to help you determine how much you can afford to spend, and then we will find 

the right home for you that fits your needs and monthly budget. Were in the business to make sure 

were getting the best deals for our tenant buyers across the country, making sure you don't pay too 

much for your dream home. 


2. How do I know the home will not be going into foreclosure while I'm the process of buying it, 

only to lose the home and be evicted immediately after I buy?

Answer: Again, we understand that this is a huge commitment and can be very stressful. We want to

make sure we take our time and make sure you are happy before you sign any contracts which

includes allowing you to:

  • Speak with your personal accountant or financial adviser to ensure you're making a great financial decision before you purchase your "Rent-to-Own' home.
  • Speak with your attorney and have them help you review all contracts before you sign them.
  • Allow you to gain  bank authorization, so you can ensure that each every monthly rent payment actually goes towards your rent payment each month.
  • Fully inspect the home before you buy it, so you know it's in great shape from the start.
  • Fully inspect Title and the current status of the mortgage, so you know that the seller is not delinquent.

Compared to some shady, so called "Rent to Own" companies, we don't use high pressure tactics or

sales gimmicks, allowing you to take the time to make up your mind and make an educated decision

before singing any contracts to buy your new home. In fact, you will only be meeting with the seller

themselves, so you don't have to worry about us trying to pressure you into buying a home that you

don't fully love.

3. How do I know what's available?

Answer: You will be able to check out our website and see the availability. You can also, schedule a

phone appointment with my business partner Russell de la Pena and I. We will give you the 

information on the various home choices and options you have at your finger tips. Plus, how to find 

the right home for your needs. And...if for whatever reason we don't have the home you want in our 

inventory, we can help you find the right home. Again though...there will never be any pressure to 

buy what you don't want.

However, before setting up an appointment, you must meet the following criteria: 

  • You plan on buying in the next month or two.
  • You do not have a felonies on your record.
  • You have proof of funds to close.
  • You have at least $3,000 to put down for the Option fee, plus your first month's rent.

Please do not set up a phone appointment with us, if you do not meet all the above guidelines, 

because it will waste both of our time. The reason being is because sellers that we negotiate with 

often require these minimums to even begin the negotiating process. Sellers have a fear that because 

you have bad credit or not enough time at your job, you might at some point default on the rental 

payment, and they will be stuck spending lots of time and money trying to get you out of the home. 

In addition, some people stop paying rent and/or destroy the home at the same time.

We believe in giving people second chances, and you probably have to intention in destroying the 

home or stopping payment, but please look at it from the stand point of the home owner.

  • They are taking on a huge risk as well by:
  • Allowing you to lease and buy the home without any credit checks from the start
  • They are allowing you to live in their most valuable possession, their home, until the day comes when you decide to exercise the option rights from us (if you decide to do so).
  • If this was your house that you were going to lease and sell, how would you feel? Probably the same as them, correct?

4. Does any of the rent and Option fee money apply towards the purchase price?

Answer: Yes, the option fee is applied to the purchase price of the home. Most often, the seller will

apply $100-$500 of the rental amount towards the purchase price as well. After all, this the whole 

point of you buying the home this way to begin with right? Right.

Hey... If you like this way of investing in real estate (selling on a lease-Option), 

we're looking for folks across the country that might want to invest with us 

(without using any cash or credit - you don't even need a license).


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