Saturday, 30 April 2016

(Blog Post) How to Create Content That Generates "Motivated" Seller Leads (and Sales) for Wholesale Real Estate Investors!

Creating "perfect content" is difficult but not impossible to do. This especially holds true when you

know three very important things:

  • You know your audience.
  • You put their needs before yours.
  • You give them what they are looking for.
    Many people are tempted and lured into doing the exact opposite. They are wanting more leads and

    sales, thinking that if they find motivated sellers it will solve both of these problems. This is not the

    case though, because sellers do not know, like or trust you yet. And....until they know, like and trust

    you, why would they want to do business with you? Simply, they won't! The reason being is because

    you need to lead with value first and foremost. Sellers need to see and realize that you are the

    solution and answer to their problems. You have to be able to fulfill their needs, fix their predicament

    and better their lives in some fashion. In our case, it would be to sell their home at a price that meets

    their requirement and that is fair, along with a time frame that works for them.

    What is the perfect kind of content 
    for for motivated sellers?

    The truth is it all depends on who you are targeting as a wholesale real estate investor. If you are

    looking for and targeting distressed sellers, then you want to create "911" kind of material. This kind

    of content will be like an ambulance because it will help them resolve their situation at the right time

    when they need it the most. Ourselves, we tend to focus on  creative seller financing deals. This

    would be such things as Lease Options, Rent to Own & Sandwich Lease Options. This allows us to

    offer sellers what they really want in our content marketing and final offers such as:

    • Ways sellers can avoid paying 6% commissions and fees 
    •  Receive their full asking price in exchange for terms for our "end" tenant buyers
    • How to sell their home in "As Is" condition so they don't have to invest anymore money in order to fix the home and sell it 
    • Ways we can have our "end" tenant buyers be responsible for the first $5,000 in any and all repairs to the property, so they don't have to be responsible for them

    • Our "Auction" sale strategy that allows us to sell the property in 7 days, compared to 3-6 months with many Realtors
    • Plus, so much more

    When we create great content like what you see above, it targets and caters perfectly to our

    "motivated sellers" desires and needs. Because of this, we average 1 out of 3 sellers signing up with

    us. I think it's the smarter and more savvy way to build your wholesale real estate business. You are

    combing high tech with high touch. Because we have the skills in both, we are able to combine what

    Realtors do offline and what professional Internet Marketers do online everyday. This allows us to

    thread the eye of the needle, creating the perfect content marketing funnels. These funnels allow us

    and others who work with us to thrive and prosper no matter where they live in the country. This is

    because our focal point is to solve the problems of our motivated sellers first and foremost by giving

    them tremendous value to them for free with no strings attached.

     How Do We Give Away Impeccable 
    Content... Away for Free?

    No Matter how hard I tried, I could never see and understand why someone would ever want to

    create a blog. It seemed like a huge waste of time to me. Yet, you could go online and see

    blogs everywhere in every niche. I just never realized how an owner of a blog could make money

    and benefit from it. It was not until later, when I started learning from other successful internet

    marketers why they created a blog(s). I soon found out that they were giving away excellent content

    that their prospects were wanting and needing. This allowed them to be givers first and receivers

    second. The successful internet marketers were getting people to know, like and trust them by giving

    away $10 of value for every $1 they received back. It was the perfect formula that I was looking for

    because it created a "win - win - win" situation for all parties involved. Both the Buyer and the Seller

    received what they were wanting, received tremendous value, while at the same time the wholesale

    real estate investor who created and gave away the value received payment. Just remember this

    phrase that has served me well, "Givers Gain"!

    It was obvious that the more valuable content that I created and gave away, the more money I would

    make. What I want you to understand is that a blog is just the beginning. The blog serves as a

    "virtual coffee date" with my motivated sellers before I ask them to go on another "virtual coffee

    date" with me. Let me clarify as well, when I say "virtual coffee date", what it means to me is an

    automated sales and marketing funnel that gives away superb content that meets the needs of my

    "motivated sellers" on a continuous basis and prior to us ever speaking to each other. It's about

    providing great content that is free and that does not require a huge commitment like a " virtual

    coffee marriage" would demand.

    It's about being cool, calm and collected and being yourself. You're giving away excellent content

    that the consumer can use immediately and get a small taste before deciding if they want to come

    back for more or not.

    Modern Sales Funnel

    By the time myself or anyone I work with talks to a prospect, we have accomplished three things:

    • They Already Know Us
    • They Already Like Us
    • They Already Trust Us
    There is No Selling, No Chasing, No Begging. No Pleading. Zip, Zero Zilch!When you experience

    this process, you will realize how beautiful it really is and wish you had done it earlier. This process

    allows myself and the people I work with to avoid working with people who want to be imbeciles on

    the phone, avoid shouting matches and avoid big egos. No Thank You! Alternatively, we implement

    our sales and marketing to do all the heavy lifting for us. They constantly weed out by qualifying and

    disqualifying our leads for us 24 hrs a day and 365 days a year. And....the best part is that we do not

    have to pay them and they never call in sick.

    Take A Tour of Our Content Marketing & Sales Funnel 
    for Wholesale Real Estate Investors, and...
    See How It All Works for Yourself! 

    (Note: You will be so happy you did.'s free!)

    Saturday, 23 April 2016

    (Blog Post) 10 Ways to Get Any Seller to Say "YES" to Your Offers!

    Imagine this...If you told a seller that you would like to give them 50% of the 

    value of their home right now in cash, how do you think that would turn out? 

    Most of the time it would not turn out very well. They would probably ask you 

    to leave and don't come back. You would agree with me that it wasn't the best 

    offer right? Now, does this mean that there are no sellers interested out there

    in the world? Of course not!

    It simply means that the offer wasn't a good one.

    If you had hundreds of thousands of motivated sellers wanting their full asking 

    price for their property, it would not make a difference because you simply have 

    the wrong offer in front of the wrong seller. The real problem is not that you 

    don't have enough "traffic" but rather you have a problem with your offer. Your 

    offer is not congruent with what the sellers wants and needs. There are various 

    ways to structure an offer, get the deal under contract and closed for a nice 


    The 10 ways to get an offer accepted:

    1. Close in 7-14 days (if the seller is not overpriced)

    2. Seller gets their full asking price with fair terms in return

    3. Seller does not pay any commissions or fees

    4. Sell the property as a "lease with the option to buy" also known as "rent to own"

    5. The home is sold "as is" condition

    6. Rent credits (TBD)

    7. Option fee to the seller and Option assignment fee to me applies to the purchase price

    8. The rent price is not over the current market rents

    9. Buyer is responsible for the first $5,000 in repairs

    10. Date of possession (TBD)

    None of this is set in stone. The point here that I am trying to make is that you 

    want to make an offer that the seller can't refuse. The seller receives their full 

    asking price, does not pay a a penny in commissions and who is willing to 

    extend the terms. It's a "win win" situation for everyone.

    You'll Learn:  

    • How to Invest in Real Estate Without Using Your Cash or Credit, So You'll Never Need a Bank! 
    • How to Automate 90% of Your Work, So You Can Spend Time Doing the Things You Truly Love In Life
    • How to Outsource the Other 10% for Pennies on the Dollar, So You Can Leverage the Talents of Others. 
    • How to Find Cash Flow Opportunities with Just a Few Clicks (Literally). No More Driving Around Town Looking Into Vacant Properties!
    • Plus, So Much More!

    Want To See How I Get My Sellers To Say "Yes" To My Offers?

    Saturday, 16 April 2016

    (Video) Discover What A Lease Option Is and...When It Makes Sense To Do A Lease Option All Without The Risk Of Traditional Real Estate Investing!

    Have you ever heard of the term " Lease Option or Lease with the Option to buy"? Ever wonder

    what it is exactly? This could be a viable option and exit strategy with a nice profit when investing

     in real estate. I have a video for you today that was created by the In this video you

     are going to learn the following:

    • What a Lease with the Option to buy exactly is
    • When you should use Lease with the Option to buy
    • Why Lease with the option to buy is the smartest and most risk free way to start investing in real estate

    Watch the video here and now to learn the effectiveness and power behind Lease-Option to buy investing.

    Lease Option: Real Estate Investing Using Lease Options
    by the

    Enjoyed This Video?

    Interested In Learning How To Invest in 
    Real Estate With Lease Options Without Risking 
    Any of Your Cash Or Credit? All While...
    Automating 90% of Your Daily Work? 

    Sunday, 3 April 2016

    (Blog Post) Discover How To Double And Even Triple Your Profits Without Spending A Dime With My Free, "Fill In The Blanks" Joint Venture Sales Letter!

     Joining forces and collaborating with top thought leaders in your niche market is the quickest and

    best use of your time. The reason being is because you are able to leverage their contacts and

    credibility while they are able to leverage your time and efforts. This allows the both of you to

    double and even triple your profits while creating a "win win" situation for the both of you. You can

    do this by simply using my "fill in the blanks" sales letter that is designed to create joint ventures

    with top thought leaders in your ideal niche market.

    Steps to Best Leverage This Joint Venture
    Sales Letter Right Now

    1. Determine who your ideal joint venture partner would be for you.

    2. Quickly and easily serve your ideal joint venture partner by providing the most value to them

    3. Guaranty results quickly and easily in order to blow them away with value.

    4. Look at the big picture and decide what percentage you will offer your joint venture partner

    5. Benefits you can provide your joint venture partner

    6. How are you going to life easier and better for joint venture partner

    Once you have answered and figured out these questions, you can simply do the following:

    •     Copy and past the "fill in the blanks" sales letter into your email or word document
    •     Fill the blanks with your info, specific to your niche and the offer you want to make to them.
    •     Then, send it to your ideal joint venture partners.

    Copy and Paste My Free, "Fill In the Blanks" 
    Joint Venture Sales Letter Now!

    Dear {Mr/Mrs._______}: ,

    I have a rather unusual proposition for you.

    It’s something that I believe could provide a great deal of profit to you with absolutely no risk.

    My name is {your name} and I’m the owner of {your company name}.

    We’re {mention one or two things about your company and what you do}.

    ?And as you can see, our {products/services} seem very complementary to what you offer.

    That’s why I wanted to write and introduce you to an idea that could create another source of revenue for you while providing a valuable service to your customers.

    I would like to send a letter coming from you giving your clients a special {discount/offer} on {your product/service}. And for every one of your clients who takes advantage of this offer I’ll give you {%} of the profit.

    Plus... I’ll make even easier for you by writing the entire letter for you. But don’t worry, you can have complete editorial control of it.

    If this sounds like a good idea (and it really is), I’d like to discuss it with you personally over the phone, I’ll give you a call next Monday at 9:00. Please ask your secretary to be expecting my call. Or if you prefer, you can call me at {xxx-xxx-xxxx} and I'll explain everything in full detail.


    {Your Name}

    As you may have figured out, it's about providing massive value to your Joint Venture partners which

    they will want, then following through and delivering on your promise. Here is a simple formula you

    can ask yourself and use to ensure you are providing massive value:

    • For Every dollar of value I charge them for, my future Joint Venture partner will receive ten dollars of value in exchange.

    The very best offers are the ones that make your future partners say to themselves, "Holy cow...I

    would be really dumb not to take this guy or girl up on their offer." Make sure to analyze your offer

    once you are done to ensure that is meets this simple test.

    Follow these simple rules and tips, your business will be profitable,easy and fun!

    Enjoy it!

    Daniel Bitz

    Saturday, 2 April 2016

    (Blog Post) Real Estate Investor? Learn How To Buy Properties And Exit Real Estate Deals With A Profit Without Losing Your Sanity!

    The more streamlined and simplified my real estate business becomes, the easier and more enjoyable

    my business becomes. Think for a moment about some of the most successful businesses in your

    hometown. Their business is very straight forwards, simple and they always seem to have an endless

    line of customers. For example, in Milwaukee, we have a place called Kopp's Frozen Custard. It's an

    institution, a staple and a tradition to all that live here.

    Everyone knows where the three Kopp's Frozen Custard stands are in the city and eat there several

    times throughout the year. This holds especially true over the summer time. It becomes the local

    hot spot for everyone to hang out. Friends and families can relax and have some cold creamy custard

    or a fresh jumbo hamburger on a warm summer night.

    So how is Kopp's so successful and how does it 
    relate to my real estate business?  

    The secret to both businesses lies in "simplicity".

    You see, when you order at Kopp's you only have a few choices. You can order frozen custard,

    jumbo burgers and fries. That's pretty much it! They don't have hundreds of options on their menu.

    People know what they are going to get and they are willing to wait in line for it. So many real estate

    investors now a days are trying to learn hundreds of real estate investing exit strategies (methods in

    which to buy and then exit a given real estate transaction for a profit), so they can close every kind of

    deal under the sun. Much to their dismay, they become confused, stuck and lost when they actually

    could be investing and profiting.

    Kopp's Frozen Custard does not make this mistake nor should you. They keep it simple and that's the

    way it should be, right? You should do the same when first starting your real estate business. It's not

    necessary to know every exit strategy in order to profit. Then, as you make more profits you can add

    more exit strategies to your arsenal.

    Here are 2 exit strategies you would do great with and recommend learning.

    • Lease-Option contract assignments (A.K.A. "Rent-to-Own") and
    • Sandwich Lease-Option contract assignments

    When you learn how to make money without money, you have the ability to make huge profits 

    without spending your own cash and maxing out your credit cards. Lease options and Sandwich

    leases are 2 excellent exit strategies to accomplish this goal.

    They don't require:

    • Any of your own cash
    • Any of your own credit
    • Any risk
    • A real estate license
    • Years of experience
    • For you to see the property, the seller, or the buyer

    Yes, you read that correctly. You can build your business anywhere in the world 100% online. You

    also don't have to worry about all the risk that other investors take on. All you need to do is the


    • Learn some new terminology
    • New way of thinking
    • Be willing to share this info with home owners and tenant buyers

    You can even automate 90% of your business, allowing you to build from anywhere in the first

    place.We do this by first educating both the buyers and sellers on the pros and cons of lease option

    deals, give them valuable tools and informational resources to help them make the best educated

    decision for their needs and wants.At the end, you bring them together for their desired outcome

    while profiting.

    Fair enough?

    Want to see how I did it?