Tuesday, 28 June 2016

2 "Little-Known" Exit Strategies Get You $3K-$25K (Even If You're a Total Newbie).


Many people know how to close regular conventional sales but few know how to structure creative

seller financing deals. This even included myself until I was taught. Maybe you are in the same

situation and can relate?

So, get ready and strap on your seat belt today. I am going to show you how to quickly and easily

close 2 types of transactions that are most likely hiding right underneath your nose and you're not

even aware of right now. Plus, they are are a lot easier to close than you think.

Let's get started...Here is the first transaction type out of the two.

Homes with Zero Equity

Realtors usually skip homes without any equity because there is no money to pay their commissions,

correct? But if you know what your doing and know how to structure deals like the ones I am about

to show you, you can ethically and easily do this type of deal on a monthly basis.


Here is what to do:
  • You want to offer their seller the full asking price. Yes, you heard me correctly. Their full asking price. 
  • Don't ever charge them commissions or fees at all. Zip, zero, zilch! 
  • Act as a Principle only and represent yourself only. Not the buyer nor the seller. 
  • Build your fee ON TOP of the sellers asking price, then collect that amount as your fee instead of a commission.
  • Find "Tenant Buyers" instead of buyers, and sell the homes as "Rent to Own" instead of through a traditional or conventional sale.
Here is an example deal:

  • Seller needs $200,000, because he/she owes $200,000 (can even be slightly higher too), so he/she can't hire you to help them.
  • You do this by adding 3% (or $6,000) to the purchase price for a total of $206,000.
  • The seller will get $200,000 (allow for 1.5-2% for closing costs, though who will ultimately pay them can be negotiated), plus their first month's rent and a non-refundable deposit equal to the rent amount. If you have to finance a portion of your $6K, do it to get the deal done at 10%.
  • Make the lease term for 1-3 years, with 3 years being the ideal term. This makes more sense to a would-be tenant-buyer, since they will be exchanging a higher purchase price for time to fix their credit, get more time on their job, and or save up for their full down payment required by the bank.
  • You collect the $6,000 (may be less if you need to make the deal work and give some of that amount to the seller - every deal I do is different, so this always varies).
  • The seller is happy, because she got all $200K, and didn't have to pay you a dime.
  • You're happy, because you didn't throw away a deal just because there was no equity to pay your commissions.

For Sale By Owners That Simply Don't Want to Pay You a Commission

This second situation can actually be handled just like the first one we discussed. The sellers in this

second scenario does not want to sell their property with you. This is not because they can't, but

rather because the very idea of paying you any kind of commission make them sick to their stomach.

What you can do then, is offer them the same exact deal previously described, and...Bingo! You got

another deal closed where the sellers and buyers are both in love with you and live happily ever after.

Obviously, there are more details to this, but this gives you an "aerial" view so you can begin to see

and understand how being creative can help you close a couple more deals a month that you may

have thrown away initially.

And...the best part is:

  • Closing deals in 7-14 days can now become a regular occurrence for you.
  • You can talk to and ask all your agent friends to send you all their deals that fit this criteria, allowing you to close more deals while doing less work.
  • There are no banks or underwriters to deal with at the start for you or the buyers, so more of your deals close each and every month.

And...when you really want to be awesome and show off to your friends, you will learn how to do all

of this that was mentioned above without ever leaving your home. Yes..you read that


I have been doing this online and works wonderfully.
  • Sellers don't have to do very much because all the "heavy lifting" is done all online and contractually by us.
  • Buyers love it, because they can get all the perks and benefits of owning a home before they can actually qualify, and you are a super star, because you solved a problem for both parties all while chilling out at home in your jammies.


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