Friday, 26 February 2016

(Blog Post) Real Estate Investor? Discover How to Get 30-40 Motivated Sellers to Work With You... In Just 10 Minutes of Launching Your Campaign By Using Voice and Text Blast Technology.

Are you a real estate investor? No matter how long you have been in either field, you are going to

run into one of two situations. The first situation is that you have enough leads to begin but over 

time you eventually run out of leads. When this happens it is very frustrating because you are not 

consistently filling your pipeline and making sales.

The second situation is you have plenty of leads but no time. This happens because you are busy 

running all over town meeting people and seeing their homes in order to buy or sell them. It takes 

time and energy. You end up working long hours and weekends. This would be time that you could 

have spent with loved ones or doing activities you love. Both these situations occur because you are 

lacking one very important factor, LEVERAGE. I also call it “working smarter rather than harder”.

So, how do you have a flow of consistent leads without running around the city spending all your 

time and energy? Simple, you use two different technologies that have brought me qualified leads 

on a consistent basis whenever I choose.

The first method is a voice blast technology. With this method, home owners can receive a special 

message catered to them about selling their home and learning more on how to do so with us. Just 

think of the time it would take out of your day to make 25 calls much less hundreds. This is a much 

more efficient and professional way to find motivated sellers.

The second method is with our text blast technology. This method is my favorite. This is because it 

sorts out and qualifies the home sellers at the same time. Plus, it's a more responsive method due to 

everyone having a cell phone and is less intrusive. Always remember this, amateurs convince and 

professionals sort. These 2 technologies allow you to be a sorting professional instead of desperate 


 You will learn the following in the free video training:

    Get Leads

    Avoid Call Rejection

    How To Get Lease Option Deals Without Seeing The Properties

    Create Instant Credibility With Sellers & Landlords

    15 Minute Video On How Rent To Own Works

    Become An Affiliate And Work With Us Hand in Hand