Friday, 27 May 2016

(Blog Post) How To Turn $8 a Month Into Hoards of Real Estate Traffic

One of the hardest things to do in your real estate business is to get good quality buyer and seller

leads on an ongoing and consistent basis. Plus, it is not cheap and can get very expensive very

quickly. Even if you are one of the blessed individuals that know how to get high quality,very

targeted leads, most people miss the most important and critical step of all. That is the step of

converting those motivated buyers and sellers into deal making, cash flowing assets with

high converting offers. What good is it to drive hoards of motivated traffic to your offer when it

sucks? The answer is it doesn't. If you don't do this all important critical step, your time is wasted.

You might as well go home and watch some TV.

There are times when you talk to people and they say something to the effect of "I drove X amount

of people to my offer"! Great, now the question is "how many of those people converted into a sale

and asset for your business?" You see, many people don't know this when asked.

When you can say that "x" amount of people opted in to your offer out of your 

total amount of traffic, you get your conversion rate.

That is where the rubber meets the road for your real estate business. This is because you now know

your numbers. It does not matter what kind of business your involved in or operating you always

need to know your numbers. Each industry or niche may have different types of numbers that have to

be known, never the less though, you have to know them and know them well. Without knowing

these numbers, you are flying blind and may cause you to crash and burn.

Let's focus on the amazing software that my business partners and I use to drive massive amounts of

traffic every day. This software is awesome and one of my favorites. This is because it allows me to

create traffic for my buyers, sellers, affiliates with social media. also allows me generate

my follower base and personal strategy for pre-selling to that traffic, so I am only speaking to my

ideal prospect. Noticed all these other sets of numbers that I end up knowing for my business all

from this one software? This creates a so called GPS for my business, allowing me to no longer fly

blind, increasing my chances of crashing and burning. Plus, I can do all of this without spending

a fortune. Even on a dinky budget, this social media software will help your social media following

all on autopilot while you focus on more things, such as putting deals together.

There are a lot of places or "traffic stores" to buy your seller and buyer leads. What I want you to

understand is that not all traffic is created equal. This is because each of the different "traffic stores"

appeal and cater to different target markets which may or may not be a good fit for your real estate

business and what you offer.

Let's be clear, carpet bombing is not the answer either to your 

marketing and trying to yield the best results. 

The only thing this approach will do is have you go broke sooner than later. This is because you are

not targeting your right prospects with the right offer to a specific niche market. You have to make

sure you pick your "traffic stores" carefully by knowing your ideal prospect and some more of their

numbers that pertain to them. These numbers would be their income, age, gender and interests etc.

This will help prevent you from spending huge amounts of money with little or no return.

Here are some "traffic stores" where you can receive highly targeted buyer and seller leads with the

correct offer, sent to you within minutes.

  • LinkedIn
  • Connected Investors
  • Craigslist
  • Backpage
  • Kijiji
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

How do you know which "traffic store" to buy from though?

Well, that depends on where your ideal prospect hangs out. For example, if your looking for

motivated buyers and sellers, then you want to shop where you can put you and your offer in front of

that very group. The other factor you have to consider is how much you are willing to spend each

and everyday for your traffic. Some of these "traffic stores" such as Facebook will sell it's ads for

$5-$10 pr day, all the way up to hundreds if not thousands per day. In one's own view, I do not pay

for ads. Instead, I am able to tap into each and every one of these "traffic stores" by utilizing this

automated software. It allows me to send out and share my blog posts to hundreds and thousands of

distribution points such as various social media sites and groups. The best part of it all is that it costs

me $8 bucks a month.

Click Here to Learn More About This Software Now!

A well thought out sales and marketing blueprint is crucial along with what you will offer that

targeted traffic. If you don't do this you will have succeeded at wasting your time, money and effort.

I want to share with you an example of an offer we drive traffic and market to each and everyday for

our nationwide real estate affiliate program to wholesale real estate investors and realtors who would

like a consistent and predictable source of leads to fish from and then automate 90% of their sales

and marketing funnel as well as get personal one to one assistance and coaching with all their deals.

I want you to know that even though the above offer may or may not be for everyone, it converts

great for people who really do want help with their sales, marketing and lead generation while

getting personal mentorship with out having to spend a fortune on anyone of those areas of their


TIP: If your offer does not make your prospect say to themselves "Wow! I would be a complete idiot

not to take advantage of this offer", you need to reevaluate your offer.

How to Know Where Your Target Market "Hangs Out"

When you invest some time into researching your target market, where they hang out and how you

can situate yourself to be in front of the with the help of the automated software, you will get

continuous traffic to your offers.

The following sites are great "traffic stores" when finding wholesale real estate deals that you can

flip for profits in the conventional way or by Lease Option deals (Rent to Own) as we do.

  • Craigslist
  • LinkedIn
  • Connected Investors
  • Facebook Groups
  • Google+

This is because these site are easy to use, cater to real estate buying and selling, and result in leads

within minutes...pending your offers are good ones.



P.s. Here's what you'll learn inside of this free, 7-day video e-Course right now.

  • How to use both text blast technology along with social media software technology to generate 100's of motivated seller and buyer leads for your business each month.
  • How to automate 90% of your sale and marketing efforts, so you make more while working less.
  • How to dramatically reduce your lead costs to a fraction of what your competitors are spending, so you can scale your business faster and easier... even if you're on a "shoestring" budget.
  • How to make seller offers that get a "YES!" 1 out of 3 times we make the offer.
  • Plus, so much more.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

(Blog Post) " 4 Reasons Why You're Losing Money Without A Sales Funnel for Your Wholesale Business"

No matter how you cut it, building a profitable wholesale real estate business is hard. Now, having that real estate business create cash flow on a consistent ongoing basis is no task for the faint of heart. This especially holds true for beginners, simply because they are learning everything and figuring out all the moving pieces. Trust me though, it does get easier and it is worth it. Just take it one step at a time. It reminds me of the question "how do you eat an elephant?"

The answer, "one bite at a time!" The point being is that if you try to do everything all at once it will look overwhelming and you will never take the critical first step. 

Sometimes it's difficult building a business simply because you have to deal with people who know very little if anything. Yet, they are determined to share their "opinion" with you. Let me give you an example of this to illustrate my point. Would you agree with me that computers and the internet are here to stay and that were well into the information age? Most people would say "yes" and agree with me on this.

Yet, there are some people out there that will tell you that you don't have to have an understanding of online sales, internet marketing and sales funnels. 

This is flat out false. Always remember this... "You can ignore that facts but it doesn't make it untrue!" To prove the point, all you have to do is look at their meager results, lack of cash flow along with their absence of deals. The flip side of this matter is most books, seminars and e-courses regarding this subject are full of hyperbole and very little step by step instructions and results.

Does this sound familiar?

No worries though....

We have mastered the skill and expertise of how to construct profitable sales and marketing funnels online for our wholesale real estate investors and even realtors. They can plug into an automated system that is ready to go, already working and prevents them from having to reinvent the wheel. This allows them to see results much quicker than usual.

The reason people can see results faster than normal is because well constructed automated sales and marketing funnels allow you to do the following:

  • Allows You to Automate 90% of Your Work, Allowing You to Work Less and Earn More On Autopilot
  • Automated Lead Capture Systems That Sell You to Your Prospects On Your Behalf
  • Automated Follow Up Email Messages That Practically Force Your Prospects to Work with You
  • Unlimited Motivated Seller & Buyer Leads On Demand

What we have done is acclimated the Sales & Marketing Automation Funnel that the world's leading online marketing and training company,, developed for the sales of their digital products and applied it to our real estate investing business so we could automate it. The outcome? We were able to significantly reduce our workload while increasing our profits exponentially.
Check out's infograph....

This is how a proper sales and marketing funnel should function. It works wonderfully for any real estate professional because the sales process and the psychology behind it are all the same.

Don't Believe Me?
Listen to What Other Real Estate Professionals have to Say....

I recommend that you take action right now and seize this free information on how to tap into our real estate marketing funnel while it's still available. Trust me; you don't want to miss out on this one. Gain instant access now by clicking here.

Daniel Bitz

By the way, you will be flabbergasted on how simple and easy it is to start receiving unlimited motivated seller and buyer leads, automating 90% of your business, increasing your profits all with this unique affiliate marketing blue print. No need to suffer through hours of boring seminars, e-courses, and books this year again when you get your hands on this free material right now.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

"Embed-React:" How to Get Viral Content for Your Blog In 5 Minutes, Even If You Suck At Blogging.
When I am building out my real estate business, there is one thing at the forefront of my mind at all

times. These two concepts are "leverage" and "automation". I am always asking myself the following


1. How can I leverage my time?

2. How can I leverage my efforts?

3. How can I accomplish more and more on a daily basis with less and less work?

May I suggest that when you are building your real estate business, you review and ask yourself these

questions on a daily basis. The reason this is important is because anytime you do a "linear"activity

where you are exchanging your time for some kind of compensation or reward in return, is futile.

This is because it is all based on and dependent on your own efforts. Let me explain. Why would you

want to do an activity manually one by one over and over again? When instead, you could have a

piece of software that allows you to do an activity once, then multiply your efforts out by hundreds or

thousands of times.
This software allows any serious real estate professional such as myself to get seller and buyer leads

for their real estate business on a continuous basis with out spending all my time, energy and money.

This in my opinion is the epitome of "leverage" and "automation"! This is truly working smarter

rather than harder. I also use it to build my nationwide real estate investor affiliate side of my

business as well. I am able to share blog posts that I have written such as this one, and make

connections online that allow my messages to be delivered to those individuals who want and need it

the most.

I am going to show you right now how I use my blog posts to connect to thousands of highly

targeted real estate professionals on a daily basis. All while sharing valuable messages, inviting them

to take their online relationship to the next step with me. Here is how to build your real estate

business using a very straightforward blog along with six social media platforms to get highly

targeted traffic such as:

  • Linkedin
  • Facebook Groups
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

The next thing you want to do is to first give your readers "value" for free. Then, invite them to

continue your online relationship by giving them even more free value. You can implement this by

using an easy strategy called "Embed React". This is where you embed a video with great content

into your blog as a post. Then, respond or "react" to it by writing up a short description of what the

video is all about and what you learned from it. Lastly, you litter your blog post with 2-3 links to

another one of your free offers. These are called "Lead Magnets" because it entices the reader to

provide their name and email address in exchange for your free valuable gift, allowing you to follow

through on your promise to them. When you provide and give away content rich value, your business

will grow rapidly.

As you may have figured out, giving content rich information that you don't even have to create

yourself, allows you to give away awesome gifts first to your future business partners and customers.

This allows you to take the business relationship to the next step, building good will before you ever

ask for the sale.

Makes sense, right?

Sure it does, this is because this is the exact method you use to make your business fun, profitable

and hassle free. Our philosophy is to give first and receive second. In fact this is the same philosophy

that we teach our affiliates across the country. This allows them to not only enjoy their business

growth but their profits as well.

I want you to know that we are always looking for more talented wholesale real estate and Realtor

affiliates across the country. So, if you or someone you know might be interested, I would like to

invite you to watch our FREE 4 part real estate video series that shows our affiliates how they can

automate 90% of their business all while making more money as they do less and less work.

Click Here Now, if you would like to learn more.

I think you will be pleased that you checked it out. Congruent with our philosophy, we have added

tons of content rich information inside that you and your friends would enjoy.

Here is some of what you will learn inside this FREE, 4 part real estate video series:

  • Learn How to Invest in Real Estate Without Using Your Cash or Credit, So You'll Never Need a Bank!
  • Learn How to Automate 90% of Your Work, So You Can Spend Time Doing the Things You Truly Love In Life
  • Learn How to Outsource the Other 10% for Pennies on the Dollar, So You Can Leverage the Talents of Others.
  • How to Find Cash Flow Opportunities with Just a Few Clicks (Literally). No More Driving Around Town Looking Into Vacant Properties!
  • Plus...much much more!

    Tuesday, 10 May 2016

    Saturday, 7 May 2016

    (Video) 6 Steps for the "Unfair Advantage" As a Real Estate Investor with Robert Kiyosaki & Dolf de Roos!

    Dolf De Roos and Robert Kiyosaki are very smart men. If you have been any where near real estate

    or business, chances are you have heard of these two men. This especially holds true with regards to

    Robert Kiyosaki. He is the well known author of books like "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and "Cashflow


    If you haven't had the chance to read one or both books, may I suggest you read them right away.

    They will have a profound impact on your life and more importantly on your way of thinking. In this

    video, Robert and Dolf walk the novice real estate investor through the process of buying their first

    investment properties.

    They do this successfully by having you look through the eyes of a couple who is interested in

    buying their first investment property. They examine the 6 steps to purchasing your first investment

    property. The nice thing about these specific steps are that they can be used an applied anywhere in

    the country.

    They are the following:

    • Identify property
    • Analyze the deals
    • Area
    • Education 
    • Property management
    • Putting the investment together (financing, due dilligence etc.)

    Have a great day,


    Discover How to Automate These Steps...
    Without Ever Leaving Your Home
    7 Videos Show You How...Absolutely Free!

    Wednesday, 4 May 2016

    (Video) Swipe THIS... "Blogging Blueprint" and Creating a Profitable (and Viral) Content for Seller Leads 3 Easy Steps to Creating Profitable (and Viral) Content Motivated Sellers Love

    Today, I would like you to introduce you to a gentleman by the name of Russ Henneberry. He is part

    of the team at In this video you will learn about the very successful blogging

    strategy called " The Embed Reactor". This method works great for any product or service including

    real estate. The reason I like this method so much is because you can leverage the efforts, the work

    and the content of someone else. All you have to do is make sure the content is congruent and in line

    with your product or service.

    As you may have noticed, I use this strategy in my own business. I am implementing this very tactic

    in the blog post you are reading right now. This allows me to help all real estate professionals. From

    the beginner to the savvy pro and from the Wholesale real estate investors to Realtors and anything in

    between. All the while, leveraging someone else's content and efforts. I refer to this as "working

    smarter, not harder"!

    Watch the video now and you will learn the following:

    • Save hours upon hours of your time from having to create great content every week.
    • Helps you avoid the concern that your content is no good. This method only uses proven to succeed content.
    • Great content to speak directly within your real estate business and niche.

    Implementing this strategy for your blog allows you to do the following:

    • Have your prospects get to know, like and trust you
    • Increase their desire to take the next step and further their business relationship with you by accepting your lead magnet offer.
    • Lets your prospects enter into the "inner sanctum" of your sales and marketing funnel and...
    • Finally, purchase from you

    I want to wish you much success. Hopefully this simple and straight forward strategy will prove

    useful for you and your real estate business.

    I believe in you,

    Daniel Bitz

    Enjoyed This Video?...
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