Sunday, 3 April 2016

(Blog Post) Discover How To Double And Even Triple Your Profits Without Spending A Dime With My Free, "Fill In The Blanks" Joint Venture Sales Letter!

 Joining forces and collaborating with top thought leaders in your niche market is the quickest and

best use of your time. The reason being is because you are able to leverage their contacts and

credibility while they are able to leverage your time and efforts. This allows the both of you to

double and even triple your profits while creating a "win win" situation for the both of you. You can

do this by simply using my "fill in the blanks" sales letter that is designed to create joint ventures

with top thought leaders in your ideal niche market.

Steps to Best Leverage This Joint Venture
Sales Letter Right Now

1. Determine who your ideal joint venture partner would be for you.

2. Quickly and easily serve your ideal joint venture partner by providing the most value to them

3. Guaranty results quickly and easily in order to blow them away with value.

4. Look at the big picture and decide what percentage you will offer your joint venture partner

5. Benefits you can provide your joint venture partner

6. How are you going to life easier and better for joint venture partner

Once you have answered and figured out these questions, you can simply do the following:

  •     Copy and past the "fill in the blanks" sales letter into your email or word document
  •     Fill the blanks with your info, specific to your niche and the offer you want to make to them.
  •     Then, send it to your ideal joint venture partners.

Copy and Paste My Free, "Fill In the Blanks" 
Joint Venture Sales Letter Now!

Dear {Mr/Mrs._______}: ,

I have a rather unusual proposition for you.

It’s something that I believe could provide a great deal of profit to you with absolutely no risk.

My name is {your name} and I’m the owner of {your company name}.

We’re {mention one or two things about your company and what you do}.

?And as you can see, our {products/services} seem very complementary to what you offer.

That’s why I wanted to write and introduce you to an idea that could create another source of revenue for you while providing a valuable service to your customers.

I would like to send a letter coming from you giving your clients a special {discount/offer} on {your product/service}. And for every one of your clients who takes advantage of this offer I’ll give you {%} of the profit.

Plus... I’ll make even easier for you by writing the entire letter for you. But don’t worry, you can have complete editorial control of it.

If this sounds like a good idea (and it really is), I’d like to discuss it with you personally over the phone, I’ll give you a call next Monday at 9:00. Please ask your secretary to be expecting my call. Or if you prefer, you can call me at {xxx-xxx-xxxx} and I'll explain everything in full detail.


{Your Name}

As you may have figured out, it's about providing massive value to your Joint Venture partners which

they will want, then following through and delivering on your promise. Here is a simple formula you

can ask yourself and use to ensure you are providing massive value:

  • For Every dollar of value I charge them for, my future Joint Venture partner will receive ten dollars of value in exchange.

The very best offers are the ones that make your future partners say to themselves, "Holy cow...I

would be really dumb not to take this guy or girl up on their offer." Make sure to analyze your offer

once you are done to ensure that is meets this simple test.

Follow these simple rules and tips, your business will be profitable,easy and fun!

Enjoy it!

Daniel Bitz


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