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52 - 48 = 4: Here's How to ONLY Talk to "Hungry Prospects."

For many people prospecting and closing wholesale real estate deals can be frustrating and hard.

Believe me, I know... I used to be one of those people. If you do it correctly though, prospecting and

closing deals can be enjoyable, predictable and measurable. The key is to understand and know how

to remove your emotions out of the equation. Thus, preventing you from having to experience that

crazy roller coaster of extreme highs and extreme lows. This is because your going to be not only

dealing with, but also knowing your numbers. I wrote another blog post that talked about the

importance of knowing your numbers. But for right now and this blog post, lets focus our attention

on this following equation below that contains a very simple but yet powerful philosophy.

52 - 48 = 4

If you have ever played any kind of card game, you would have noticed that there are always 52

cards and 4 Aces in the whole deck. This obviously also means that the other 48 cards in the deck

are not Aces.

In the world of wholesale real estate investing using Lease Options and Sandwich Lease Options as

our exit strategies, our goal and objective is to find the 4 Aces in each deck of cards as quick as

possible. The problem occurs when wholesale real estate investors (both new and not new) try to

make the other 48 cards, that contain Kings, Queens, Jacks and Jokers,within the deck into Aces.

This is a problem, because...well..they simply are not Aces.

Always remember this... "Professionals Sort. Amateurs convince."

When I heard this, it made sense and it clicked with me. How many people do you know, including

myself, that had been trying to turn the Kings, Queens and Jokers into Aces? Instead of "flipping

through the deck of cards" as quick as possible, so I could find my Aces. These Aces are the

prospects that I wanted and so should you.

These are the prospects that in the end ultimately say "YES" to my offers, allowing me to lead them

through my sales and marketing funnels, compared to me trying to spend my valuable time

convincing them to do something they never intended to do in the first place.

I have one more quote for you that you should remember and is timely for this blog post.

"A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still."

So...why would you convince when you can sort, correct?


Here are some reasons why you might feel compelled to convince your prospects like an Amateur,

instead of sorting through them like a Professional:

  • You don't build relationships first with the prospect, but instead, you try to "run the numbers" only
  • You don't know how to find your target market on a regular basis
  • You don't have enough leads to talk to on a daily basis ( I suggest a minimum of at least 10 per day)
  • You think that the way to prospect is to badger people until they give in
  • You have not created a real viable short term, mid term and long term sales and marketing strategy yet, etc.
We use sales and marketing funnels to solve this problem of quickly finding our 4 Aces by:
  • Identifying where our target market "hangs out" so we always have a "predictable and well stocked pond to fish in",allowing us to know we can always go back to this "pond" and fish whenever we would like more leads.
  • We run our prospects through sales and marketing funnels that educate our prospects, all while building relationships with them, and ask them for the sale only once we provide at least $10 worth of value for every $1 we charge for our help.

This process above allows us to avoid the temptation of:

  • Begging, pleading and chasing our "Kings, Queens, Jacks, and Jokers," in an attempt to convince them to change and become Aces.
  • Wasting time with "Tire Kickers" who can't say the word "NO" when they are not interested in what we do, causing us to waste our time following up with them to see if they are in fact Aces.

Your probably asking yourself "Dan, How do I know when I have come across a true Ace and not a

Jack or a Queen"?


You ask the prospect to do the things that will either prove your prospect to an Ace, or prove them to

be a Jack or a Queen.

This is what I personally ask of my prospects:

  • Visit my blog (where you are right now), so they can learn online marketing and sales, and then they can decide if they want to...
  • Opt into my website, check out our sales and marketing blueprint over a 4 part video series, then decide if they can see themselves working with us if they are wholesale real estate investors. If they are property owners, I ask them to visit a different page of my website to see if they would like to get free and fast marketing for their property. And...If they want to buy one of our nationwide, "Rent to Own" homes, I send them to my web address to see our current inventory of properties.

For those of you who do not yet have automated systems for following up with their prospects, I

highly suggest the following follow up sequence:

  • First follow up call: within 24 hrs of the first contact with your prospect (leave a message)
  • Second follow up call: within 3 days of the first follow up call (leave a message)
  • Third follow up call: within 7 days of the last follow up call (leave a message)
  • Fourth follow up call: within 10 days of the last follow up call ( leave the final message)

If the prospect has not called me back, visit my website, and has more reasons and excuses on why

they have not been able to do one of the tasks that I have asked them to do, rather than reasons to do

these simple tasks, they now told me they are Jack, Queen or Joker.

I sleep well at night knowing that I no longer have to guess whether or not someone fits into what we

do. They have made it crystal clear for me that I no longer have to waste anymore of my time.

Making 4 follow up calls may seem like a lot of manual labor, and honestly, it can be after a while.

So, I recommend that after you start to understand what you are selling and how to effectively sell it,

you upgrade your marketing arsenal to include and have more automation tools. This will allow your

work load to decrease, all the while your income increases.

We use tools such as auto-responders to do all the heavy 
lifting and follow up with prospects for us.

Auto-responder email messages contain our professionally written ad copy sales messages and are

sent out at a predetermined time with a predetermined message so as to "speak" to various types of


Our affiliates do not have to write their own, because we simply give these pre-written messages

and ad creatives to those that want them. Check out our auto-responder messages here by watching

the first video, then entering in your name and email address to start receiving these automated


My hope is that you have enjoyed learning how to identify prospects that will buy from you, and

take the next step and grab my free, 7 day video series that shows you how to automate 90% of your

real estate investing without using your own cash or credit, and even if you have zero experience by

clicking here now.

I believe in you,



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