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How to Profit (and Build Your Brand) By Blogging... Without Charging!

Have you ever been online and seen all these blogs popping up all over the place? It seems like there

are more and more each time. One that sticks out in my mind as an example is the popular celebrity

gossip blogger Perez Hilton. I always asked myself, "how the heck does this guy make money with

his blog?" Especially, when he was talking about what a celebrity wore the night before. Yet, troves

of people were going to his blog on a daily and weekly basis. I was mystified on how people did it.

Still, I knew that Perez and these other bloggers were not doing it for free or because they were

bored. There had to be some way to monetize your blog.

Can you relate with me on this?

Blogging looked like a lot of time, boring content writing with little to no results. And...if your goal

was to monetize your blog and make money from it, good luck! It was as if it would take forever to

gain any traction with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google and decent page rank.

Nowadays, I see blogging much differently. I no longer see it as a way to make any real serious

amounts of money from within itself. Instead, I view blogging very similar to dating in the real

world. The only difference is that it's online. I take the prospect on a so called "Virtual Cyber Date"

that allows the prospect and I to get to know one another. This allows both parties (myself & the

prospect) to determine if any future business can be done together and more importantly if it would

be a good idea or not.

This "Virtual Cyber Date" allows both parties to exchange ideas and solutions to various quetions

and complications freely. The other intention is to also take things to the next step by hopefully

having a so called "Second Virtual Cyber Date".

Your Probably Asking Yourself "What Does This Have To Do With Real Estate"?

The Answer....Everything!

It's critical to know that these "Virtual Cyber Dates" are very important in creating systematic sales

funnels for your real estate or any other business. They allow you to do the following:

  • Helps you determine very easily if you should be or should not be working with any given prospect (or vice versa)
  • Saves you time, money and your sanity from having to convey your value to the market place over and over again over real life coffee meetings, only to realize that the meeting was a waste of time.
  • Automate your daily tasks such as cold sales calls, no longer trying to convince the prospect that you are the one and only logical provider of your service that they should consider.
  • Allows you to take the business relationship to the next level by giving them more value via free "Lead Magnet" gift giveaway.

The goal behind having a blog for your real estate business, in my opinion, is not to sell something,

but rather to educate, inform, and build strong long lasting business relationships.

It's that simple.

The idea here is to have people get to know, like and trust you. Now, imagine how irritated and

frustrated you would be if someone is trying to hard pitch and close you on what they are selling

when you only agreed to have coffee. You would feel tricked by them wouldn't you? So would I!

Here Is How I Suggest You Use Your Blog...In Your Real Estate Business

You want to use your blog to enlighten the prospect. Remember this, for every $1 your prospect with

spend with you in the future, you want to give them at least $10 worth of value. You are not going to

charge them yet though. Make sense?

You want to concentrate on being a giver. Tell yourself "Givers Gain"! Please trust me on this. I

know it seems wrong in your mind and counter productive because your not getting paid right away

when you feel you provided value to your prospect, but it will come around full circle... just be

patient. For the time being, you want to give away great content that your readers can use right away

and see immediate results as well.

What this does is position you as a "Thought Leader" that they have gotten to know, 
like and trust over time. And...they most likely will want to continue 
following you and eventually buy from you as well.

Why wouldn't they, right?

If you can prove to them without a shadow of a doubt that:

  • You have been where they are at now
  • You know how to help them solve their problems, needs and wants
  • You know what you are talking about
  • Lastly, you can help them profit from your help, instead of you being the only one who profits. In return, creating a "win win" situation for everyone.

If you do this...why wouldn't they want to buy from you?

Answer: Of course they would and should. Why? Because, you truly help them move their business

to the next level.

I suggest that you use your blog as a starting point with regards to your sales funnel. You can then

invite your prospects to a daily "Virtual Cyber Date" with you and where you give freely without any

expectation. You help your prospects solve one or more of their problems and then ask them out on

another "Virtual Cyber Date", allowing you expand and grow the relationship by using a free gift

(Lead Magnet).

Your Lead Magnet (free gift) should then lead your prospect to your tripwire (low dollar offer), then

lastly to your core offer and beyond. When follow these steps and create this process that I have

described then, throw in automation to the mix, everything becomes a lot of fun, enjoyable, cool to

watch and...let's not forget extremely profitable. Instead of ourselves doing all the heavy lifting,

we automate 90% of our daily tasks and let systems do all the hard work.

  • Daily contacts with nationwide motivated sellers to explain our offers, our program, and who we are
  • Contract explanation and contract signing with sellers (we do it all, 100% online)
  • Selling our Lease-Option Assignment contracts over to our tenant-buyer list
  • Contract explanation and contract signing with buyers (we do it all, 100% online)
  • Follow ups with sellers, buyers, and folks that are interested in joining our program via follow up auto response messages that go out automatically.
  • Plus much much more.

If you would like to go on a "Virtual Cyber Date" with me right now, 

and learn more about all the possibilities with:

  • Our Lease-Option program for sellers across the country
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