Wednesday, 1 June 2016

"Real Estate Investor? This FREE, 3 Minute, "Fill-In-The-Blanks" Sales Letter Gets You Buyers."

Anytime, I can get my hands on something that will help my business grow faster, easier, leverage

my time and build credibility, I am all about it. That is exactly what today's post is all about and

going help you with right now. Below, I have an awesome fill in the blanks "list getting" letter that

my business partners and I personally use. Please feel free to take the "list getting" letter below,

make it your own and incorporate it into your business right away.

Dear Friend,

With your permission, I’d like to send you a special free report called {"Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Real Estate - But Were Afraid To Ask." (Intriguing title promising a benefit)}

Inside this informative guide you’ll discover:
  • The 6 critical questions to ask any {Realtor (your profession)}.
  • What {days you should never (mistakes to avoid)}.
  • New Breakthrough Procedures That {Do Something}
  • (Surprising benefit)}, and much, much more...
This reference guide is yours absolutely free by calling my office.
You see, as a {board certified Realtor (profession)}, I have helped many {Buyers/ Sellers do X that they’ve only dreamed about (benefit of your service)}. And perhaps I can do the same thing for you. My office is located in {your town} just around the corner from {the Ritz Hotel}. However, since you don’t know me - I thought this informative report would give us a chance to "meet."

And here's what my happy clients have to say about this report:


This is your opportunity to take the first, risk-free step to see if {X Service/ Product} is right for you. And there will not be any kind of obligation or pressure. I promise once you request your report, you will not be badgered by anyone in my office.

So give my office a call {xxx-xxxx} and ask for your free report to be confidentially mailed out to you. But please act today because I have only printed a limited amount of these educational reports.


{Your Name}
{Your contact info}
​Your website)

P.S. Here is what one {clients} had to say about their experience: "{testimonial giving wonderful benefits}".
Perhaps I can do the same for you. Call my office and request your free copy of {"Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Real Estate - But Were Afraid To Ask"}


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