Saturday, 19 March 2016

(Blog Post) Real Estate Investor: Discover How To Find Motivated Home Sellers And Build Great Relationships With Them Without Hanging Bandit Signs All Over The City!

Have you ever driven around town and while you are running errands, you notice these signs

 offering to buy your home? They are usually bright colored and nailed to a telephone pole so

 people can notice them easily. Heck, you may have even put up a couple around the city yourself

at some point. Don't deny it, you know what I am talking about! The problem with these signs are

not only are they illegal, but they serve as a very old school way of marketing.

Though this old school method does work, it takes a lot of time and energy because
you are having to spend your days and weekends putting up and tearing 
down these signs all over the place.

The problem with this method is:

⦁    You have to spend money and buy these ugly signs before you can even create any business

⦁    You have to take the time and hang these signs all over the city

⦁    You have to work weekends away from your friends and family

⦁    You have to go back out and pull down all these signs

⦁    People may file a complaint by tracing your phone number on your bandit sign back to you

⦁    Plus more

Believe it or not, there are better and more effective methods to find motivated home sellers for

your wholesale business. Wouldn't it make more sense to learn how to market in a legal, more

 effective and scalable way? I hope you answered "Yes"!

What I want you to understand is that the bandit sign itself is designed to attract the attention of

desperate home owners. These are people who are usually in foreclosure or about to be in


This creates a whole bunch of obstacles for you to over come before you can sell the home. 
Let's take a look at some of them.

⦁    You will need to buy the home yourself by securing your own private financing or hard money

⦁    You have to find an end buyer that is going to follow through and not back out on you

⦁    You will need to make an offer to the home seller that is typically 30%-50% less than the market
value of the home in order to get it under contract

⦁    You have to find an attorney or title company to close the deal

⦁    You will have to do your due diligence by having home inspections, appraisals etc.

So, now that we covered the obstacles with regards to bandit signs. Let's talk about how and why

you should learn to market in a more effective, ethical and legal way.

1.    You will be able to scale your business much much bigger than you could have ever

 imagined. This is because by using technology and low cost and effective distribution

channels for your marketing, you will leverage your efforts. Plus, you will not spend

hoards of money and increase the likely hood of going out of business before you even make a profit.

2.    You will be able to track your marketing. This will be extremely helpful because you will see

which marketing channels are actually working and which ones are draining your bank account dry.

3.    You want to use offers that don't require you to find desperate home owners. I don't know about

 you but I don't like the idea or feeling of marketing for desperate home owners. I want to be able to

 sleep at night. So, I do not do it. Actually, our home sellers are not desperate at all. Their homes are

 in good standing. They just want to get their full asking price and not have to pay commissions to a

 realtor. It's that simple. It's a good feeling when you can give the home seller all of this... and more!

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