Sunday, 3 July 2016

Here's How to Get 720 New Leads In 90 Days

Have you ever wondered how someone launches a business (any kind of business for that matter)

from nothing within 90 days? All the while they are earning profits and cash flow by around the end

of the 3 month mark.

Sounds too good to be true right? 

Well, it's not because I am going to show you in the next few minutes how to do the following:

  • Launch a business (any kind of business) from nothing at all
  •  Stay busy doing the right activities consistently on a daily basis
  • Practically guarantying that you amass profits on a consistent monthly basis
  • Create recurring cash flow within a 90 day period

I don't know about you, but I started off cold calling to drum up new business. The alternatives

were to go door knocking, driving randomly around town to meet new people, or connecting with

new people via friends and family.

Personally, I hated everyone of these options with a passion. Yes, I made cold calls, hundreds and

thousands of them over several years. I made cold calls though and made it work because it was the

lesser of the other two evils. I got good results with my cold calling. The problem was that I was

growing to hate it even more though. It both took a lot time and energy out of each of my days. I felt

like it was consuming more and more of my life and becoming more of a waste of time as well. Do

you know that feeling? I had this growing feeling of resentment and time being wasted because I

started realizing that it was possible to build a consistent cash flow income each and every month

without ever cold calling and knocking on doors.

So...How does one do it and...How does one do it - 100% online?

There are two main ingredients that factor in for the recipe:

  • You have to decide that you are going to, "keep the main thing - the main thing." You have to expose your business to a minimum of 10 new targeted leads each and everyday, if you are full time in your business. I refer to this set of 10 new leads each day as your "10-in-play."
  • You have to plan out your sales and marketing campaigns 90 days in advance. Again...I refer to this as "Your 90 Day Run." This is where you put "your head down and your blinders on" for 90 days, ignore all distractions, and...follow the process laid out in the previous step above for 90 days...without skipping a beat.

Think about this...

Let's say you worked 6 days out of the week, and you contacted a minimum of 10 new targeted leads

each day, that would be 240 new prospects per month. After 90 days, that's 720 new, targeted leads!

Let's not forget though, that you will need to have a "follow up system" throughout your 90 day run.

This is because the "fortune" is in the follow up.

Most people will not buy whatever you are selling the very first time they hear about it from you,

because they do not yet:
  • Know 
  • Like
  • Trust you
People buy from people. Plain and simple.

So, it's critically important that you have both sales and marketing automation along with human

touch otherwise you will struggle making sales.

We use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management tool) called Aweber to perform the automated

follow up tasks we implement with our prospects, so we can:

  • Build Trust
  • Build Relationships
  • Inform & educate our prospects
  • Find out which prospects are genuinely interested in our program and connect with them on the phone

This technique is commonly referred to as a "High Tech and High Touch" approach to sales and

marketing in business. In order to show you a bird's eye view of what this would like, I want to show

you the sales and marketing blueprint from as my guide shown here for you


This sales funnel you see is commonly used to sell digital products, but this structure can work for

any business, since all businesses have some kind of sales and marketing funnel, or at least they


The Core components in the sales and marketing funnel above are following:

  • Targeted traffic sources where your ideal customer hangs out
  • An initial free offer that leads to a (we call it a Lead Magnet)
  • Low-dollar offer that leads to your (we call it a Tripwire offer)
  • Core offer which then leads to your profit maximizer "up sell" offer or
  • Your follow up sequence to stay in touch with your prospects until they either buy from you or unsubscribe for your ongoing communications

With these core components in place, having your "10-in-play" will help you build an ongoing

business relationship that will become easier and easier to do during your 90 day run and beyond.

This especially holds true if your automating 90% of your work as we do for ourselves.

really should do this if you want to truly scale up your business.

Grab your favorite snack and watch my free video series that shows you how to automate 90% of

your real estate investing activity here.

The great reward you will have from always having your "10-in-play" is that you will never have to

deal with that emotional roller coaster that so many real estate investors deal with, because having

lots of new leads and opportunities each and everyday is the solution to the "emotional roller coaster"

in your real estate business or any other.

When you follow this straightforward and very profitable blueprint, you will not have the time to

hop on your emotional roller coaster because your business will be thriving. After 90 will

have the business momentum you need to always have monthly cash flow and huge profits coming

in all the time on autopilot.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

52 - 48 = 4: Here's How to ONLY Talk to "Hungry Prospects."

For many people prospecting and closing wholesale real estate deals can be frustrating and hard.

Believe me, I know... I used to be one of those people. If you do it correctly though, prospecting and

closing deals can be enjoyable, predictable and measurable. The key is to understand and know how

to remove your emotions out of the equation. Thus, preventing you from having to experience that

crazy roller coaster of extreme highs and extreme lows. This is because your going to be not only

dealing with, but also knowing your numbers. I wrote another blog post that talked about the

importance of knowing your numbers. But for right now and this blog post, lets focus our attention

on this following equation below that contains a very simple but yet powerful philosophy.

52 - 48 = 4

If you have ever played any kind of card game, you would have noticed that there are always 52

cards and 4 Aces in the whole deck. This obviously also means that the other 48 cards in the deck

are not Aces.

In the world of wholesale real estate investing using Lease Options and Sandwich Lease Options as

our exit strategies, our goal and objective is to find the 4 Aces in each deck of cards as quick as

possible. The problem occurs when wholesale real estate investors (both new and not new) try to

make the other 48 cards, that contain Kings, Queens, Jacks and Jokers,within the deck into Aces.

This is a problem, because...well..they simply are not Aces.

Always remember this... "Professionals Sort. Amateurs convince."

When I heard this, it made sense and it clicked with me. How many people do you know, including

myself, that had been trying to turn the Kings, Queens and Jokers into Aces? Instead of "flipping

through the deck of cards" as quick as possible, so I could find my Aces. These Aces are the

prospects that I wanted and so should you.

These are the prospects that in the end ultimately say "YES" to my offers, allowing me to lead them

through my sales and marketing funnels, compared to me trying to spend my valuable time

convincing them to do something they never intended to do in the first place.

I have one more quote for you that you should remember and is timely for this blog post.

"A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still."

So...why would you convince when you can sort, correct?


Here are some reasons why you might feel compelled to convince your prospects like an Amateur,

instead of sorting through them like a Professional:

  • You don't build relationships first with the prospect, but instead, you try to "run the numbers" only
  • You don't know how to find your target market on a regular basis
  • You don't have enough leads to talk to on a daily basis ( I suggest a minimum of at least 10 per day)
  • You think that the way to prospect is to badger people until they give in
  • You have not created a real viable short term, mid term and long term sales and marketing strategy yet, etc.
We use sales and marketing funnels to solve this problem of quickly finding our 4 Aces by:
  • Identifying where our target market "hangs out" so we always have a "predictable and well stocked pond to fish in",allowing us to know we can always go back to this "pond" and fish whenever we would like more leads.
  • We run our prospects through sales and marketing funnels that educate our prospects, all while building relationships with them, and ask them for the sale only once we provide at least $10 worth of value for every $1 we charge for our help.

This process above allows us to avoid the temptation of:

  • Begging, pleading and chasing our "Kings, Queens, Jacks, and Jokers," in an attempt to convince them to change and become Aces.
  • Wasting time with "Tire Kickers" who can't say the word "NO" when they are not interested in what we do, causing us to waste our time following up with them to see if they are in fact Aces.

Your probably asking yourself "Dan, How do I know when I have come across a true Ace and not a

Jack or a Queen"?


You ask the prospect to do the things that will either prove your prospect to an Ace, or prove them to

be a Jack or a Queen.

This is what I personally ask of my prospects:

  • Visit my blog (where you are right now), so they can learn online marketing and sales, and then they can decide if they want to...
  • Opt into my website, check out our sales and marketing blueprint over a 4 part video series, then decide if they can see themselves working with us if they are wholesale real estate investors. If they are property owners, I ask them to visit a different page of my website to see if they would like to get free and fast marketing for their property. And...If they want to buy one of our nationwide, "Rent to Own" homes, I send them to my web address to see our current inventory of properties.

For those of you who do not yet have automated systems for following up with their prospects, I

highly suggest the following follow up sequence:

  • First follow up call: within 24 hrs of the first contact with your prospect (leave a message)
  • Second follow up call: within 3 days of the first follow up call (leave a message)
  • Third follow up call: within 7 days of the last follow up call (leave a message)
  • Fourth follow up call: within 10 days of the last follow up call ( leave the final message)

If the prospect has not called me back, visit my website, and has more reasons and excuses on why

they have not been able to do one of the tasks that I have asked them to do, rather than reasons to do

these simple tasks, they now told me they are Jack, Queen or Joker.

I sleep well at night knowing that I no longer have to guess whether or not someone fits into what we

do. They have made it crystal clear for me that I no longer have to waste anymore of my time.

Making 4 follow up calls may seem like a lot of manual labor, and honestly, it can be after a while.

So, I recommend that after you start to understand what you are selling and how to effectively sell it,

you upgrade your marketing arsenal to include and have more automation tools. This will allow your

work load to decrease, all the while your income increases.

We use tools such as auto-responders to do all the heavy 
lifting and follow up with prospects for us.

Auto-responder email messages contain our professionally written ad copy sales messages and are

sent out at a predetermined time with a predetermined message so as to "speak" to various types of


Our affiliates do not have to write their own, because we simply give these pre-written messages

and ad creatives to those that want them. Check out our auto-responder messages here by watching

the first video, then entering in your name and email address to start receiving these automated


My hope is that you have enjoyed learning how to identify prospects that will buy from you, and

take the next step and grab my free, 7 day video series that shows you how to automate 90% of your

real estate investing without using your own cash or credit, and even if you have zero experience by

clicking here now.

I believe in you,


Thursday, 30 June 2016

2 Ingenious Methods for Wholesaling Real Estate (Perfect for Total Newbies)

Two of the best and easiest methods that allow you to invest in real estate without using any of your

 own cash or credit is with Lease Options (A.K.A "Rent to Own") and "Sandwich" Lease Options.

These two methods are not only my favorites but they are also great ways for beginner wholesale

real estate investors to get started as well. The reason these are the best ways to get started is because

when you do them correctly and the way we do them, they don't require risking any of your own

cash or credit.

In addition, when you follow our instructions step by step, you will not:

  • Have to ever drive around the city and look for vacant properties
  • Wait months and months to get approval from banks for your deals
  • Waste time with "tire kickers" who are not really interested in working with you in the first place
  • Insult and offend your sellers with low ball offers
  • Deal with rejection on a daily basis, avoiding frustration with people who do not respect you
  • Plus, much much more.

What Is a Lease Option Anyhow?

  • It's a way for a buyer with bad credit, a small down payment and/or not enough time on their job to gain the benefits of controlling a property having yet qualified to buy it.
  • Allows a portion of the monthly rents to be applied towards the future purchase of the property, if the buyer (tenant buyer) decides to exercise their option to buy the home.
  • A lease with the "Option" to buy the home in the future or not to buy it.
  • Buys time (1-3 yrs on average) for the buyer to fix their credit, save up for their full down payment and gain more time on their job in exchange for giving the seller a higher than market price.
  • The wholesale investor does not need to have an expensive hard money loan, does not need to go through a bank's strict qualifying process, and since the Option rights are "personal property" and not "real property," the wholesale investor can even assign the Option rights without using a Title company.

Lease Option Assignment Deal Example:

With this example, we are going to lock up a property for $100,000. You will then turn around and

resell the purchase price at a higher amount of $103,000 for demonstration. Your "end" tenant buyer

is going to give you the $3,000 so that you will now be able to assign the Option rights over to them.

They will now have the option to buy or not to buy.

The seller is pleased because they will get their full asking price of $100,000 and did not have to pay

the Realtor commission of 6% and $6,000, plus they have a better tenant than they would compared

to renting the home.

This strategy will also work even if the seller has no equity in the property. Even if you are unable to

negotiate a lower purchase price, the buyer typically is willing to pay a premium for their home if:

  • They don't have to deal with a bank
  • They don't have to rent anymore
  • A portion of their rent will go towards reducing the purchase price
  • They will the feel and control of home ownership without qualifying from the start

If you are a Realtor by chance, this is a WONDEFUL strategy for you to implement when dealing

with FSBOs. Instead of representing the homeowners that want to sell their properties (For Sale By

Owner), you can instead act solely as a Principal in the transaction representing yourself, instead of

charging commissions, you can simply collect your profits from the Option Assignment fees.

Problem Solved!

What is a "Sandwich" Lease, You Ask?

  • A Sandwich lease Option is very similar to a Lease Option, but instead it allows the wholesale real estate investor to stay in the mix of the transaction, allowing them to profit in more ways than one. When structuring the transaction in this manner as we do, you still avoid the usual risks and cash outlay. 
  • When using this exit strategy, an investor can earn profits upfront in the form of assignment fees (typically $3,000 - $25,000), during the lease term when reselling the rental price at a slightly higher amount or negotiating that the seller will receive a smaller amount, allowing the investor to keep the difference.

"Sandwich" Lease Option Deal Example:

Let's say for example that the seller wants to sell their property to you for $100,000 with rent at

$1,000 per month, and for a 3 year term. You then turn around and resell the pricing and terms to

your "end" tenant buyer and keep the difference. In this illustration, the easy way to structure this

deal would be to resell your Option to buy this home for $103,000 in year one (keeping the 3K

difference), resell the rent for $1,200 per month (keeping the $200 per month difference as your

passive cashflow), then for years 2 and 3, you might make the pricing as follows: $106,000 and

$109,000 respectively (you keep the additional 3K - 6K depending on when the "end" tenant buyer


This strategy works even if the seller has no equity, and even if you are unable to negotiate a lower

purchase price, because the buyer (from experience) is typically willing to pay a premium for their

home for the following reasons:

  • They don't have to deal with a bank
  • They don't have to rent anymore
  • A portion of their rent will go towards reducing the purchase price
  • They don't have to have a credit check
  • They will have the feel and control of home ownership without qualifying from the start

Where Do You Find the "End" Tenant Buyers?

When the pricing is right for a property, finding a tenant buyer is very easy. In fact, if the property is

not selling, it means that the price is too high. Some sellers will argue this point with you naturally

because they feel their home is worth much more than an appraisal or Realtor is saying it's worth.

The truth is, when a property owner is getting a lot of interest on a property, even tons of showings,

but no offers - it is because of the price. The price is always the reason, assuming that all the

marketing was done correctly and all other basic variables are correctly in place.

Many Wholesale real estate investors know that they can advertise for buyers on free sites such as:

  • Backpage
  • Zillow
  • Craigslist
  • Trulia
  • Plus more

But...most do not understand the power behind building lists of these buyers over the course of time,

allowing them to blast out a single message to all their buyers in a given area, price range, and other

criteria, and have the home sold quickly.

We have built such a list for our own business so we could sell properties quickly with our buyers list

when the property is priced correctly. Pricing properties correctly has allowed us to sell properties

within 6 days, start to finish, having the tenant buyer in place within 24 hrs. In fact, we purposely

create and "Auction" like effect that allows us to be picky about which buyer we want to go with

instead of haggling, begging, and pleading the buyer to buy.

It is my hope that you have enjoyed this blog post, causing you to take the next step in your

wholesaling real estate career by learning more about how to get more motivated sellers, more

closings without banks, and more profits while automating 90% of your work (even if your a

complete newbie) here.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Realtor? Here's How to Get 1-Out-of-3 FSBOs (Without Charging Commissions)

Could a real estate professional get 1 out of 3 "For Sale By Owners" to list with them without having

to charge any commissions or fees? The answer is a resounding "Yes"!

Let's look at the facts:

  • FSBO's do not want to pay you one red cent in commissions or fees if they can help it. 
    • They don't have any equity with which they can pay you commissions
    • They do have equity in their property but they don't want to give it to you
    • They feel that they can do the same job you do, equally or better
    • They are underwater and would rather sit and wait for the market to correct itself etc.

    What if though you could still help these FSBO's by giving them the following:

    • Provide Huge Value
    • Find great buyers that are more than happy to pay the full asking price
    • Do all of this absolutely free of charge

    All sounds too good to be true, right?

    Well, it's not, and you will see why in a second. I am going to give you straight forward logic that is

    easy to consume that will prove that you CAN help FSBOs. will do all this without

    charging them a 3-6% commission, find them ready and willing buyers, and do it all within 7-14

    days, from beginning to end.

    Step 1 - Think Like An Investor, Not a Realtor

    • I need you to take off your Realtor cap for a minute, and put on your real estate investor cap on instead. Now, rather than thinking about commissions or fees, think about profits.
    • Instead of representing the FSBO seller, work with them hand in hand and along side of them while you both profit.
    • Act as a Principle and represent only yourself. You are not reprsenting the FSBO nor the Buyer
    • Find out what the FSBO sellers ideal purchase price (within reason of course) and give it to them.
    • Build your "profits" (not commissions or fees) on top of that purchase price, creating the new resale purchase price that you will offer to "tenant buyers" instead of conventional buyers.

      Step 2 - Knowing Your Numbers. How to Structure the Deal Accordingly

      I want to give you an example of how the numbers here would play out:

      For simplicity, let's say the FSBO wants $100,000 for the property. Normally, you as a realtor would

      charge them up to 6% for you and the selling agent, correct? You would get your 3% cut and so

      would the other agent. But instead, what if you could add your 3% to the total purchase price of the

      property instead, never having to charge the seller a dime. Now, what if you made the new purchase

      price of the property $103,000 and the buyer gives you that $3,000 for assigning a contract over to

      them, all while the FSBO gets their $100,000?

      Is this realistic and a viable option?

      It is when you structure the deal on what is called a, "Lease with the Option to buy" (Lease Option or

      Rent to Own), and bring the FSBO a tenant buyer who will lease the home for a few years (normally

      1-3 yrs) all while working on their credit issues, saving up for the down payment, and/or gain more

      time on their job.

      In this simplified scenario, all parties win due to the following reasons:

      • The FSBO gets to find a tenant buyer for their home who is more than willing to pay their full asking price for the property all while they keep 100% of their equity.
      • The tenant buyer gets to avoid wasting all their money on rent and allocate a significant amount of their monthly rents towards their future should they decide to exercise their option rights.
      • And You? You're going to get the same amount of money would have received in commissions, but instead now in profits.

      Now, lets answer the obvious question that is begging to be answered: How many of these FSBO

      deals that you would have dismissed and never listed, can now be listed?

      Tons of them!

      " But wait, Daniel!...Not so fast! This all sounds to good to be true."

      You might still be a little skeptical, asking yourself, "what if the FSBO wants part of the option fee

      as well?"

      This might happen from time to time, and while most FSBOs will be pleased with getting their full

      asking price while not having to pay any commissions should the tenant buyer exercise their Option,

      they may still be concerned that the tenant buyer may not pay their rent and they may have to evict.

      I do not blame them one bit.

      While this is a possibility, tenant buyers who's ultimate goal is to own the home is by far a lot less

      likely to default on the rent since they just put up a large "non" refundable deposit (the Option fee),

      so they have more "skin in the game" compared to your regular tenants.

      Think about this...

      Do you wash your rental car when you have one? No! But, you do wash the car you own or will

      own, correct?

      For arguments sake, let's say the FSBO wants half the option fee.

      Is this still worth doing? Yes, 100%.

      If you as a Realtor or other real estate professional could do the kinds of deals each week or every

      two weeks, without having to deal with the hassle of working with banks, wouldn't you give up half

      the Option fee to do these kinds of deals on a consistent basis?

      I would. And I do.

      I actually like and appreciate the fact that the FSBO we're working with is getting money to protect

      themselves just in case. It makes me and them sleep easier at night knowing that they have some

      financial backing if the tenant buyer fails to pay on time...or flakes all together. Remember

      this...greedy investors will always lose in the long term. Make great deals while avoid being greedy,

      and you will be around for the long haul.

      Step 3 - Start Contacting FSBOs Today and Get More Deals.
      Remember: 1 Out-of-3 Say, "YES" to This Offer!

      Finding FSBOs is not hard at all either.

      Your can find them quickly and easily on following sites such as:

      • Craigslist
      • Plus, many more!

      You can also go to and type in one of the sites above and hit enter. You will find

      similar sites and results, allowing you to find more FSBOs. Again, finding FSBOs is not hard at all.

      And...when you propose this type of structured deal, it's pretty simple to get daily deals. Let the

      FSBOs know right away upfront that they can put their wallets away, and that your're not going to

      ask them to list their property on the MLS for a fee. In fact, your not going to charge them one red

      cent...ever...because your going to get paid by the tenant buyer once you successfully find the FSBO

      a tenant buyer that they have met, like, trust, and have verified they can qualify to buy their house in

      a few years.

      If you find that your starting to get lots and lots of FSBOs under contract, and you need a resource

      that can provide you with nationwide tenant buyers, please keep me in mind. We have over 4,000

      tenant buyer subscribers and it grows everyday.

      In fact you can CLICK HERE NOW to get a better idea for what we do, how we do it, and why we

      have been successful at it.

      Hope you enjoyed this strategy. I hope you start contacting FSBOs today, so you can make huge


      Need Buyers? Get More: Free 3-Minute, "Fill-In-The-Blanks" Sales Letter.

      Within a couple of minutes of furnishing all the necessary info, you will have a "all systems go"

      sales letter for your real estate business. You can implement the following sales letter into your

      current sales and marketing funnel, creating more buyers interested in working with you. Mail or

      e-mail it out to build your buyers list, close more deals and save time figuring out what to write.

      Dear {name},

      As you can see I've attached a genuine looking Million Dollar Bill to the top of this letter.

      Why have I done this?

      Actually there are two reasons...

      #1: What I have to tell you is extremely important and I wanted to be sure to get your attention.

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      My name is {John Sample}, and my FREE Home Discovery Analysis will help you decide on a home-style that is right for you, what you can afford, and what kind of home will fit your lifestyle now and in the future.

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      My FREE Home Discovery Analysis has helped many of my clients get a new home that they are proud of and without sacrificing their current lifestyle and spending their entire life savings...
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      You can get similar results from working with me, and I guarantee it!

      Here's My Home Discovery $100 Guarantee...

      If after your FREE Home Discovery Analysis you decide to let me help you find a new home I guarantee to find you a home that you want and can afford within {3} months or I'll right you a check for $100.00, no questions asked!

      Your Home Discovery Analysis is FREE, there is no obligation to work with me, and I will not bother you with any sales pressure. I don't work that way.

      Call {xxx-xxxx} anytime between the hours of 8am - 6pm Monday through Friday to schedule your FREE Home Discovery Analysis, or use the return reply card that's enclosed.

      Don't wait, call or send in your reply card now!


      {Your Name}

      PS: Schedule your FREE Analysis by {date} and you will receive a FREE Report called, "Ten Ways To Instantly Increase The Value Of Your Home By As Much As 45%!"

      Please Note: This mailing success relies on using a "grabber" (which is the million dollar bill). 
      A grabber is used to immediately grab your prospect's attention. 

      Why Am I Giving This Sales Letter Away for FREE?

      My goal is that if you enjoy using this fill in the blank sales letter, allowing you to get more buyers and deals quicker, you will check out my following sales and marketing funnel:

      • Receive loads of buyers on autopilot to buy our properties, so we can sell within 7-14 days.
      • Receive 40+ motivated seller leads within minutes, so we always have deals to work on.
      • Qualifies (or disqualifies) leads that are not a fit for our business model, so we don't have to.
      • Follows up with our prospects via email via auto response email messages.
      • Allows us to work in states where we're NOT licensed, because we act as a Principal instead of as  an agent, and so can you.
      • Helps us avoid having to hold time-wasting, "Open Houses," on Saturdays and Sundays.
      • Allows us to do help FSBOs that wouldn't list their home with a Realtor in a million years..  until now.
      • Allows us to work deals that have zero equity (and even under water) and can't afford to pay your commissions, so you as a Realtor can STILL help them.
      • Allows us to help buyers who can't qualify for a bank loan today - buy a house - TODAY.
      • Helps us avoid dealing with banks and their impossible loan qualifications, mean underwriters, and unrealistic appraisers, and now you can do the same.
      • Allows us to never do a showing of a property ever again, and instead get the seller to do it for us... and thank you for it. Now you can do it too!
      • And so much more...

      2 "Little-Known" Exit Strategies Get You $3K-$25K (Even If You're a Total Newbie).

      Many people know how to close regular conventional sales but few know how to structure creative

      seller financing deals. This even included myself until I was taught. Maybe you are in the same

      situation and can relate?

      So, get ready and strap on your seat belt today. I am going to show you how to quickly and easily

      close 2 types of transactions that are most likely hiding right underneath your nose and you're not

      even aware of right now. Plus, they are are a lot easier to close than you think.

      Let's get started...Here is the first transaction type out of the two.

      Homes with Zero Equity

      Realtors usually skip homes without any equity because there is no money to pay their commissions,

      correct? But if you know what your doing and know how to structure deals like the ones I am about

      to show you, you can ethically and easily do this type of deal on a monthly basis.

      Here is what to do:
      • You want to offer their seller the full asking price. Yes, you heard me correctly. Their full asking price. 
      • Don't ever charge them commissions or fees at all. Zip, zero, zilch! 
      • Act as a Principle only and represent yourself only. Not the buyer nor the seller. 
      • Build your fee ON TOP of the sellers asking price, then collect that amount as your fee instead of a commission.
      • Find "Tenant Buyers" instead of buyers, and sell the homes as "Rent to Own" instead of through a traditional or conventional sale.
      Here is an example deal:

      • Seller needs $200,000, because he/she owes $200,000 (can even be slightly higher too), so he/she can't hire you to help them.
      • You do this by adding 3% (or $6,000) to the purchase price for a total of $206,000.
      • The seller will get $200,000 (allow for 1.5-2% for closing costs, though who will ultimately pay them can be negotiated), plus their first month's rent and a non-refundable deposit equal to the rent amount. If you have to finance a portion of your $6K, do it to get the deal done at 10%.
      • Make the lease term for 1-3 years, with 3 years being the ideal term. This makes more sense to a would-be tenant-buyer, since they will be exchanging a higher purchase price for time to fix their credit, get more time on their job, and or save up for their full down payment required by the bank.
      • You collect the $6,000 (may be less if you need to make the deal work and give some of that amount to the seller - every deal I do is different, so this always varies).
      • The seller is happy, because she got all $200K, and didn't have to pay you a dime.
      • You're happy, because you didn't throw away a deal just because there was no equity to pay your commissions.

      For Sale By Owners That Simply Don't Want to Pay You a Commission

      This second situation can actually be handled just like the first one we discussed. The sellers in this

      second scenario does not want to sell their property with you. This is not because they can't, but

      rather because the very idea of paying you any kind of commission make them sick to their stomach.

      What you can do then, is offer them the same exact deal previously described, and...Bingo! You got

      another deal closed where the sellers and buyers are both in love with you and live happily ever after.

      Obviously, there are more details to this, but this gives you an "aerial" view so you can begin to see

      and understand how being creative can help you close a couple more deals a month that you may

      have thrown away initially.

      And...the best part is:

      • Closing deals in 7-14 days can now become a regular occurrence for you.
      • You can talk to and ask all your agent friends to send you all their deals that fit this criteria, allowing you to close more deals while doing less work.
      • There are no banks or underwriters to deal with at the start for you or the buyers, so more of your deals close each and every month.

      And...when you really want to be awesome and show off to your friends, you will learn how to do all

      of this that was mentioned above without ever leaving your home. read that


      I have been doing this online and works wonderfully.
      • Sellers don't have to do very much because all the "heavy lifting" is done all online and contractually by us.
      • Buyers love it, because they can get all the perks and benefits of owning a home before they can actually qualify, and you are a super star, because you solved a problem for both parties all while chilling out at home in your jammies.