Thursday, 30 June 2016

2 Ingenious Methods for Wholesaling Real Estate (Perfect for Total Newbies)

Two of the best and easiest methods that allow you to invest in real estate without using any of your

 own cash or credit is with Lease Options (A.K.A "Rent to Own") and "Sandwich" Lease Options.

These two methods are not only my favorites but they are also great ways for beginner wholesale

real estate investors to get started as well. The reason these are the best ways to get started is because

when you do them correctly and the way we do them, they don't require risking any of your own

cash or credit.

In addition, when you follow our instructions step by step, you will not:

  • Have to ever drive around the city and look for vacant properties
  • Wait months and months to get approval from banks for your deals
  • Waste time with "tire kickers" who are not really interested in working with you in the first place
  • Insult and offend your sellers with low ball offers
  • Deal with rejection on a daily basis, avoiding frustration with people who do not respect you
  • Plus, much much more.

What Is a Lease Option Anyhow?

  • It's a way for a buyer with bad credit, a small down payment and/or not enough time on their job to gain the benefits of controlling a property having yet qualified to buy it.
  • Allows a portion of the monthly rents to be applied towards the future purchase of the property, if the buyer (tenant buyer) decides to exercise their option to buy the home.
  • A lease with the "Option" to buy the home in the future or not to buy it.
  • Buys time (1-3 yrs on average) for the buyer to fix their credit, save up for their full down payment and gain more time on their job in exchange for giving the seller a higher than market price.
  • The wholesale investor does not need to have an expensive hard money loan, does not need to go through a bank's strict qualifying process, and since the Option rights are "personal property" and not "real property," the wholesale investor can even assign the Option rights without using a Title company.

Lease Option Assignment Deal Example:

With this example, we are going to lock up a property for $100,000. You will then turn around and

resell the purchase price at a higher amount of $103,000 for demonstration. Your "end" tenant buyer

is going to give you the $3,000 so that you will now be able to assign the Option rights over to them.

They will now have the option to buy or not to buy.

The seller is pleased because they will get their full asking price of $100,000 and did not have to pay

the Realtor commission of 6% and $6,000, plus they have a better tenant than they would compared

to renting the home.

This strategy will also work even if the seller has no equity in the property. Even if you are unable to

negotiate a lower purchase price, the buyer typically is willing to pay a premium for their home if:

  • They don't have to deal with a bank
  • They don't have to rent anymore
  • A portion of their rent will go towards reducing the purchase price
  • They will the feel and control of home ownership without qualifying from the start

If you are a Realtor by chance, this is a WONDEFUL strategy for you to implement when dealing

with FSBOs. Instead of representing the homeowners that want to sell their properties (For Sale By

Owner), you can instead act solely as a Principal in the transaction representing yourself, instead of

charging commissions, you can simply collect your profits from the Option Assignment fees.

Problem Solved!

What is a "Sandwich" Lease, You Ask?

  • A Sandwich lease Option is very similar to a Lease Option, but instead it allows the wholesale real estate investor to stay in the mix of the transaction, allowing them to profit in more ways than one. When structuring the transaction in this manner as we do, you still avoid the usual risks and cash outlay. 
  • When using this exit strategy, an investor can earn profits upfront in the form of assignment fees (typically $3,000 - $25,000), during the lease term when reselling the rental price at a slightly higher amount or negotiating that the seller will receive a smaller amount, allowing the investor to keep the difference.

"Sandwich" Lease Option Deal Example:

Let's say for example that the seller wants to sell their property to you for $100,000 with rent at

$1,000 per month, and for a 3 year term. You then turn around and resell the pricing and terms to

your "end" tenant buyer and keep the difference. In this illustration, the easy way to structure this

deal would be to resell your Option to buy this home for $103,000 in year one (keeping the 3K

difference), resell the rent for $1,200 per month (keeping the $200 per month difference as your

passive cashflow), then for years 2 and 3, you might make the pricing as follows: $106,000 and

$109,000 respectively (you keep the additional 3K - 6K depending on when the "end" tenant buyer


This strategy works even if the seller has no equity, and even if you are unable to negotiate a lower

purchase price, because the buyer (from experience) is typically willing to pay a premium for their

home for the following reasons:

  • They don't have to deal with a bank
  • They don't have to rent anymore
  • A portion of their rent will go towards reducing the purchase price
  • They don't have to have a credit check
  • They will have the feel and control of home ownership without qualifying from the start

Where Do You Find the "End" Tenant Buyers?

When the pricing is right for a property, finding a tenant buyer is very easy. In fact, if the property is

not selling, it means that the price is too high. Some sellers will argue this point with you naturally

because they feel their home is worth much more than an appraisal or Realtor is saying it's worth.

The truth is, when a property owner is getting a lot of interest on a property, even tons of showings,

but no offers - it is because of the price. The price is always the reason, assuming that all the

marketing was done correctly and all other basic variables are correctly in place.

Many Wholesale real estate investors know that they can advertise for buyers on free sites such as:

  • Backpage
  • Zillow
  • Craigslist
  • Trulia
  • Plus more

But...most do not understand the power behind building lists of these buyers over the course of time,

allowing them to blast out a single message to all their buyers in a given area, price range, and other

criteria, and have the home sold quickly.

We have built such a list for our own business so we could sell properties quickly with our buyers list

when the property is priced correctly. Pricing properties correctly has allowed us to sell properties

within 6 days, start to finish, having the tenant buyer in place within 24 hrs. In fact, we purposely

create and "Auction" like effect that allows us to be picky about which buyer we want to go with

instead of haggling, begging, and pleading the buyer to buy.

It is my hope that you have enjoyed this blog post, causing you to take the next step in your

wholesaling real estate career by learning more about how to get more motivated sellers, more

closings without banks, and more profits while automating 90% of your work (even if your a

complete newbie) here.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Realtor? Here's How to Get 1-Out-of-3 FSBOs (Without Charging Commissions)

Could a real estate professional get 1 out of 3 "For Sale By Owners" to list with them without having

to charge any commissions or fees? The answer is a resounding "Yes"!

Let's look at the facts:

  • FSBO's do not want to pay you one red cent in commissions or fees if they can help it. 
    • They don't have any equity with which they can pay you commissions
    • They do have equity in their property but they don't want to give it to you
    • They feel that they can do the same job you do, equally or better
    • They are underwater and would rather sit and wait for the market to correct itself etc.

    What if though you could still help these FSBO's by giving them the following:

    • Provide Huge Value
    • Find great buyers that are more than happy to pay the full asking price
    • Do all of this absolutely free of charge

    All sounds too good to be true, right?

    Well, it's not, and you will see why in a second. I am going to give you straight forward logic that is

    easy to consume that will prove that you CAN help FSBOs. will do all this without

    charging them a 3-6% commission, find them ready and willing buyers, and do it all within 7-14

    days, from beginning to end.

    Step 1 - Think Like An Investor, Not a Realtor

    • I need you to take off your Realtor cap for a minute, and put on your real estate investor cap on instead. Now, rather than thinking about commissions or fees, think about profits.
    • Instead of representing the FSBO seller, work with them hand in hand and along side of them while you both profit.
    • Act as a Principle and represent only yourself. You are not reprsenting the FSBO nor the Buyer
    • Find out what the FSBO sellers ideal purchase price (within reason of course) and give it to them.
    • Build your "profits" (not commissions or fees) on top of that purchase price, creating the new resale purchase price that you will offer to "tenant buyers" instead of conventional buyers.

      Step 2 - Knowing Your Numbers. How to Structure the Deal Accordingly

      I want to give you an example of how the numbers here would play out:

      For simplicity, let's say the FSBO wants $100,000 for the property. Normally, you as a realtor would

      charge them up to 6% for you and the selling agent, correct? You would get your 3% cut and so

      would the other agent. But instead, what if you could add your 3% to the total purchase price of the

      property instead, never having to charge the seller a dime. Now, what if you made the new purchase

      price of the property $103,000 and the buyer gives you that $3,000 for assigning a contract over to

      them, all while the FSBO gets their $100,000?

      Is this realistic and a viable option?

      It is when you structure the deal on what is called a, "Lease with the Option to buy" (Lease Option or

      Rent to Own), and bring the FSBO a tenant buyer who will lease the home for a few years (normally

      1-3 yrs) all while working on their credit issues, saving up for the down payment, and/or gain more

      time on their job.

      In this simplified scenario, all parties win due to the following reasons:

      • The FSBO gets to find a tenant buyer for their home who is more than willing to pay their full asking price for the property all while they keep 100% of their equity.
      • The tenant buyer gets to avoid wasting all their money on rent and allocate a significant amount of their monthly rents towards their future should they decide to exercise their option rights.
      • And You? You're going to get the same amount of money would have received in commissions, but instead now in profits.

      Now, lets answer the obvious question that is begging to be answered: How many of these FSBO

      deals that you would have dismissed and never listed, can now be listed?

      Tons of them!

      " But wait, Daniel!...Not so fast! This all sounds to good to be true."

      You might still be a little skeptical, asking yourself, "what if the FSBO wants part of the option fee

      as well?"

      This might happen from time to time, and while most FSBOs will be pleased with getting their full

      asking price while not having to pay any commissions should the tenant buyer exercise their Option,

      they may still be concerned that the tenant buyer may not pay their rent and they may have to evict.

      I do not blame them one bit.

      While this is a possibility, tenant buyers who's ultimate goal is to own the home is by far a lot less

      likely to default on the rent since they just put up a large "non" refundable deposit (the Option fee),

      so they have more "skin in the game" compared to your regular tenants.

      Think about this...

      Do you wash your rental car when you have one? No! But, you do wash the car you own or will

      own, correct?

      For arguments sake, let's say the FSBO wants half the option fee.

      Is this still worth doing? Yes, 100%.

      If you as a Realtor or other real estate professional could do the kinds of deals each week or every

      two weeks, without having to deal with the hassle of working with banks, wouldn't you give up half

      the Option fee to do these kinds of deals on a consistent basis?

      I would. And I do.

      I actually like and appreciate the fact that the FSBO we're working with is getting money to protect

      themselves just in case. It makes me and them sleep easier at night knowing that they have some

      financial backing if the tenant buyer fails to pay on time...or flakes all together. Remember

      this...greedy investors will always lose in the long term. Make great deals while avoid being greedy,

      and you will be around for the long haul.

      Step 3 - Start Contacting FSBOs Today and Get More Deals.
      Remember: 1 Out-of-3 Say, "YES" to This Offer!

      Finding FSBOs is not hard at all either.

      Your can find them quickly and easily on following sites such as:

      • Craigslist
      • Plus, many more!

      You can also go to and type in one of the sites above and hit enter. You will find

      similar sites and results, allowing you to find more FSBOs. Again, finding FSBOs is not hard at all.

      And...when you propose this type of structured deal, it's pretty simple to get daily deals. Let the

      FSBOs know right away upfront that they can put their wallets away, and that your're not going to

      ask them to list their property on the MLS for a fee. In fact, your not going to charge them one red

      cent...ever...because your going to get paid by the tenant buyer once you successfully find the FSBO

      a tenant buyer that they have met, like, trust, and have verified they can qualify to buy their house in

      a few years.

      If you find that your starting to get lots and lots of FSBOs under contract, and you need a resource

      that can provide you with nationwide tenant buyers, please keep me in mind. We have over 4,000

      tenant buyer subscribers and it grows everyday.

      In fact you can CLICK HERE NOW to get a better idea for what we do, how we do it, and why we

      have been successful at it.

      Hope you enjoyed this strategy. I hope you start contacting FSBOs today, so you can make huge


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      • Allows us to work in states where we're NOT licensed, because we act as a Principal instead of as  an agent, and so can you.
      • Helps us avoid having to hold time-wasting, "Open Houses," on Saturdays and Sundays.
      • Allows us to do help FSBOs that wouldn't list their home with a Realtor in a million years..  until now.
      • Allows us to work deals that have zero equity (and even under water) and can't afford to pay your commissions, so you as a Realtor can STILL help them.
      • Allows us to help buyers who can't qualify for a bank loan today - buy a house - TODAY.
      • Helps us avoid dealing with banks and their impossible loan qualifications, mean underwriters, and unrealistic appraisers, and now you can do the same.
      • Allows us to never do a showing of a property ever again, and instead get the seller to do it for us... and thank you for it. Now you can do it too!
      • And so much more...

      2 "Little-Known" Exit Strategies Get You $3K-$25K (Even If You're a Total Newbie).

      Many people know how to close regular conventional sales but few know how to structure creative

      seller financing deals. This even included myself until I was taught. Maybe you are in the same

      situation and can relate?

      So, get ready and strap on your seat belt today. I am going to show you how to quickly and easily

      close 2 types of transactions that are most likely hiding right underneath your nose and you're not

      even aware of right now. Plus, they are are a lot easier to close than you think.

      Let's get started...Here is the first transaction type out of the two.

      Homes with Zero Equity

      Realtors usually skip homes without any equity because there is no money to pay their commissions,

      correct? But if you know what your doing and know how to structure deals like the ones I am about

      to show you, you can ethically and easily do this type of deal on a monthly basis.

      Here is what to do:
      • You want to offer their seller the full asking price. Yes, you heard me correctly. Their full asking price. 
      • Don't ever charge them commissions or fees at all. Zip, zero, zilch! 
      • Act as a Principle only and represent yourself only. Not the buyer nor the seller. 
      • Build your fee ON TOP of the sellers asking price, then collect that amount as your fee instead of a commission.
      • Find "Tenant Buyers" instead of buyers, and sell the homes as "Rent to Own" instead of through a traditional or conventional sale.
      Here is an example deal:

      • Seller needs $200,000, because he/she owes $200,000 (can even be slightly higher too), so he/she can't hire you to help them.
      • You do this by adding 3% (or $6,000) to the purchase price for a total of $206,000.
      • The seller will get $200,000 (allow for 1.5-2% for closing costs, though who will ultimately pay them can be negotiated), plus their first month's rent and a non-refundable deposit equal to the rent amount. If you have to finance a portion of your $6K, do it to get the deal done at 10%.
      • Make the lease term for 1-3 years, with 3 years being the ideal term. This makes more sense to a would-be tenant-buyer, since they will be exchanging a higher purchase price for time to fix their credit, get more time on their job, and or save up for their full down payment required by the bank.
      • You collect the $6,000 (may be less if you need to make the deal work and give some of that amount to the seller - every deal I do is different, so this always varies).
      • The seller is happy, because she got all $200K, and didn't have to pay you a dime.
      • You're happy, because you didn't throw away a deal just because there was no equity to pay your commissions.

      For Sale By Owners That Simply Don't Want to Pay You a Commission

      This second situation can actually be handled just like the first one we discussed. The sellers in this

      second scenario does not want to sell their property with you. This is not because they can't, but

      rather because the very idea of paying you any kind of commission make them sick to their stomach.

      What you can do then, is offer them the same exact deal previously described, and...Bingo! You got

      another deal closed where the sellers and buyers are both in love with you and live happily ever after.

      Obviously, there are more details to this, but this gives you an "aerial" view so you can begin to see

      and understand how being creative can help you close a couple more deals a month that you may

      have thrown away initially.

      And...the best part is:

      • Closing deals in 7-14 days can now become a regular occurrence for you.
      • You can talk to and ask all your agent friends to send you all their deals that fit this criteria, allowing you to close more deals while doing less work.
      • There are no banks or underwriters to deal with at the start for you or the buyers, so more of your deals close each and every month.

      And...when you really want to be awesome and show off to your friends, you will learn how to do all

      of this that was mentioned above without ever leaving your home. read that


      I have been doing this online and works wonderfully.
      • Sellers don't have to do very much because all the "heavy lifting" is done all online and contractually by us.
      • Buyers love it, because they can get all the perks and benefits of owning a home before they can actually qualify, and you are a super star, because you solved a problem for both parties all while chilling out at home in your jammies.

      The 4 Questions Every Tenant Buyer Asks Before Buying My "Rent to Own" Homes.

      If you have ever thought about buying a home(s) as "Rent to Own", I want to give you four questions

      that you need to ask right away. These questions will give you the advantage over other people for the

      following reasons:

      • They will save you time
      • They will save you money
      • Save you Headache and hassles
      • They won’t ask these questions for various reasons
      • Lastly,they simply don't know to ask these questions

      Here are the 4 Questions:

      1. How Will Your Company Help Me Find The Best Price On The Home

      I Want Without Causing Me To Over extend myself? 

      Answer: We know and understand that most people worry about the price on a home when 

      committing to a huge purchase such as a home. Depending on your wants and needs the price tag 

      will vary considerably. Because of this, let's set up a time to talk right away. This will allow the time 

      for us to discuss all the key elements, details, and facts with you. Ensuring it goes smoothly, safely, 

      legally and that the monthly payments fit within your budget. My business partner and I will talk 

      with you personally to help you determine how much you can afford to spend, and then we will find 

      the right home for you that fits your needs and monthly budget. Were in the business to make sure 

      were getting the best deals for our tenant buyers across the country, making sure you don't pay too 

      much for your dream home.

      2. How do I know the home will not be going into foreclosure while I'm the process of buying it, 

      only to lose the home and be evicted immediately after I buy?

      Answer: Again, we understand that this is a huge commitment and can be very stressful. We want to

      make sure we take our time and make sure you are happy before you sign any contracts which

      includes allowing you to:

      • Speak with your personal accountant or financial adviser to ensure you're making a great financial decision before you purchase your "Rent-to-Own' home.
      • Speak with your attorney and have them help you review all contracts before you sign them.
      • Allow you to gain  bank authorization, so you can ensure that each every monthly rent payment actually goes towards your rent payment each month.
      • Fully inspect the home before you buy it, so you know it's in great shape from the start.
      • Fully inspect Title and the current status of the mortgage, so you know that the seller is not delinquent.

      Compared to some shady, so called "Rent to Own" companies, we don't use high pressure tactics or

      sales gimmicks, allowing you to take the time to make up your mind and make an educated decision

      before singing any contracts to buy your new home. In fact, you will only be meeting with the seller

      themselves, so you don't have to worry about us trying to pressure you into buying a home that you

      don't fully love.

      3. How do I know what's available?

      Answer: You will be able to check out our website and see the availability. You can also, schedule a

      phone appointment with my business partner Russell de la Pena and I. We will give you the 

      information on the various home choices and options you have at your finger tips. Plus, how to find 

      the right home for your needs. And...if for whatever reason we don't have the home you want in our 

      inventory, we can help you find the right home. Again though...there will never be any pressure to 

      buy what you don't want.

      However, before setting up an appointment, you must meet the following criteria: 

      • You plan on buying in the next month or two.
      • You do not have a felonies on your record.
      • You have proof of funds to close.
      • You have at least $3,000 to put down for the Option fee, plus your first month's rent.

      Please do not set up a phone appointment with us, if you do not meet all the above guidelines, 

      because it will waste both of our time. The reason being is because sellers that we negotiate with 

      often require these minimums to even begin the negotiating process. Sellers have a fear that because 

      you have bad credit or not enough time at your job, you might at some point default on the rental 

      payment, and they will be stuck spending lots of time and money trying to get you out of the home. 

      In addition, some people stop paying rent and/or destroy the home at the same time.

      We believe in giving people second chances, and you probably have to intention in destroying the 

      home or stopping payment, but please look at it from the stand point of the home owner.

      • They are taking on a huge risk as well by:
      • Allowing you to lease and buy the home without any credit checks from the start
      • They are allowing you to live in their most valuable possession, their home, until the day comes when you decide to exercise the option rights from us (if you decide to do so).
      • If this was your house that you were going to lease and sell, how would you feel? Probably the same as them, correct?

      4. Does any of the rent and Option fee money apply towards the purchase price?

      Answer: Yes, the option fee is applied to the purchase price of the home. Most often, the seller will

      apply $100-$500 of the rental amount towards the purchase price as well. After all, this the whole 

      point of you buying the home this way to begin with right? Right.

      Hey... If you like this way of investing in real estate (selling on a lease-Option), 

      we're looking for folks across the country that might want to invest with us 

      (without using any cash or credit - you don't even need a license).


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      help because we have tenant buyers who are in need of houses. The truth is...we have several

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      people who want to lease option our houses. Our marketing worked extremely well, and we found

      more tenant buyers than we had houses to sell. We want to find a way to help these tenant buyers

      find a home, make a little money on all the work we have already done and to qualify them. So...we

      set up this web page to find landlords like you in the area.

      About Our Tenant Buyers

      Our buyers want to live in  the area, but don't qualify for a mortgage at this time. That means that

      they would be buying your property from you as "Rent to Own". They can afford the monthly

      payment and will qualify within 1-2 yrs. We will have each one talk to a mortgage broker before we

      put them on the list. We want to know exactly how long it would take them before they qualify, take

      out a new loan and pay off the home. These buyers will also give you full market value for your

      home along with full market rent during the lease period...this is sometimes a little bit more than that.

      Our Tenant Buyers Are Safer

      Our tenant buyers are not only safer but they also tend to take better care of the property compared to

      normal tenants because they see it as their property. You will also have a written agreement with

      them that makes them liable for repairs to the home. For example, if the furnace breaks down or the

      toilet blocks up, they will not call you in the middle of the night. It saves a lot of headaches for the

      landlord. And...if the worst by chance happens and they default, they lose their option and you can

      evict them. The beautiful thing is that the percentage of evictions on this type of sale is way below

      normal compared to normal tenant eviction rates...making it a lot safer.

      This Is All 100% Free to You

      All of this doesn't cost you a dime. It's 100% free to you because we are paid by the tenant buyer. In

      regards to price...that is up to you. It does not matter to us how much you would like for the property,

      but as a hint of caution, if we put it much over the market value, we will have a very hard time

      finding a buyer. There is not reason why we shouldn't be able to get your full market value though or

      even a little bit more due to the way we are selling it. Our tenant buyers are every motivated.

      Let's talk today

      If you like what I have said so far and are interested in talking, please let me know. We can schedule

      an appointment to talk over the phone to answer any and all of your questions. As soon as you give us

      the "okay", we'll send out an email to our tenant buyers list about your home.  By the way, don't be

      surprised if things happen fairly quick after you give us the okay.

      Let me know what you think.

      We can either draft a Letter of Intent that will describe our full priced offer to you in detail,

      can  CLICK HERE to simply fill out our one page Lease Option Memo right now and we will get

      started immediately, especially since you have nothing to lose, nothing to risk and everything to

      gain.Whatever you decide is okay with us. We wish you the very best of all good things.

      Best Wishes,

      Daniel Bitz

      P.s. I want you to know that there is never a cost to sell your home through our program. It is 100%

      free to you, the home owner, this is again because our tenant buyers pay our fees. We act solely as

      Principles in each transaction, meaning we only represent ourselves. We are not realtors, attorneys

      nor accountants. 
      Here Are Some "F.A.Q's" {Frequently Asked Questions}

      What sort of down payments do most people have?

      It varies per property and the property asking price, but we usually try to collect as much as we can

      as a lease-Option fee.This is where we make our money so our goal is to get a much as possible.

      Also, the more we get as a down payment, the more stable the tenant-buyer is for you, so it benefits

      us both.

      What is the number of people who walk away from the house when the lease is over (either 

      because they are unable to get regular financing or decide the no longer want the home?)

      Less than 30% of lease-Option buyers will exercise the option. So it is likely that they will not buy it

      at the end. But there are some real benefits -

      1. It doesn't cost you a dime to fill the property. That is what we do and we are paid by the tenant-


      2. You no longer have to lose your mortgage or property tax payment every month since you will

      offset it with the monthly income.

      3. You don't have to do maintenance on the property - the new tenant-buyer is responsible for repairs

      up to $5,000.

      4. You don't pay for utilities.

      5. They cut their own grass and shovel their own snow.

      6. They don't call you like regular tenants.

      7. You get a 3 year lease rather than 1 year for most tenant-buyers.

      8. You get a more stable tenant-buyer than a regular renter because the folks that move in see

      themselves as owners rather than renters. Remember the old adage, "You don't wash a rental car."

      Same goes for buyers vs. tenants of houses.

      If the person walks away from the lease what becomes of their down payment?

      It is non-refundable to the tenant-buyer. When they end their lease, we would be happy to help you

      fill the property again - we have a very active and growing list of buyers.

      Who is responsible for upkeep and maintenance on the home?

      This is all the responsibility of the tenant-buyers.

      Since the home has a mortgage are there any problems with leasing that would cause the "Due on sale" clause of the mortgage to be invoked by the lender?

      No, a lender would see this as a lease, not a transfer of ownership.

      Because it's a lease, does the person leasing the home get the homestead exemption or would it be

      treated like a rental property, and if so, at what point would the taxes would go up without that


      It would be treated like a rental property so eventually the exemptions would be removed and the

      taxes would go up.

      But - you also get the benefits of owning rental property.

      You will get several financial benefits from keeping your 
      property and selling it as a Lease-Option:

      1. Depreciation on the property. This is a good thing. You can deduct 3.64% of the tax basis (27.5

      years depreciation) of the improvement of the property against either active or passive income

      (depending on how you are set up). On a $100k property, this would equal about $1k in real cash

      savings on your taxes each year. (talk to your CPA for details about how this works).

      2. Appreciation of the property. Over time, the value of the property goes up. We know it's been a

      rough patch in the market these last few years, but the likelihood is that the values will eventually go

      back up. This will make it possible for you to sell the property in the future and make a profit rather

      than have the potential (in many cases) of actually having to come to closing with cash to sell it.

      3. Buy down of the mortgage over time. Over time, the note will pay itself off. You may have years

      before this happens, but every month a little bit of your payment goes toward the principle and you

      will build equity.

      4. Rents go up over time as a hedge against inflation. The thing we love best about our investment

      property is that the rents go up. We know of no other investment that has an automatic hedge against

      inflation like this. Most houses have 30 year fixed payments, but as rents go up, if you apply the

      extra income to the mortgage each month, you will likely pay it off in 10-15 years because of the

      increased cash flow.

      There are also some negatives to consider:

      1. Risk of vacancy. Over time, you will have vacancies. Each month the property is vacant, you lose

      money. The beauty of working with us is that we have lots of tenant-buyers and can fill it very

      quickly. The risk of selling it on the open market is often much higher than selling it through us with

      a Lease-Option. Keeping it on the open market, you must pay the mortgage, utilities, taxes,

      insurance, grass cutting, maintenance and wear and tear that comes from keeping a property vacant

      (did you know that the plumbing will often deteriorate in a vacant house because of lack of use?).

      2. Risk of damage from tenants. There is always going to be wear and tear on a house when someone

      lives in it. When they move out, you will need to have it cleaned up before you sell it again. It's also

      possible that someone will deliberately 'trash' your house. This is very rare and is covered by


      3. Management headaches. We hate managing property and make a point NEVER to talk to any of

      my tenants. The biggest reason people say they hate real estate investing is because they manage

      their own property. This, in our opinion just doesn't make sense. Let our tenant-buyer be responsible

      for the repairs - the first $5,000, in fact.

      4. Picking a bad buyer/tenant. This is another mistake most newbie investors make - they screw up

      on tenant-buyer selection. That is why we put them through a qualification process that vastly

      improves the tenant/buyer's success rate.

      The downside is that taking on tenant buyers, in my opinion, is much smaller than the upside -

      especially if the alternative is a vacant house. We know that in a good market, 33% of all properties

      listed for sale on the MLS do NOT sell. Right now, that percentage is much higher. We also know

      they will not sell for more than market value and that the cost to sell with a Realtor will run you

      about 10% after commissions, closing costs, repairs, and negotiation. For many people who are close

      to market value on their mortgage, this cost just isn't possible.

      How do buyers get financing when it's time to exercise their Option?

      They go to any conventional lender and apply for a loan. The reason they are buying "Rent To Buy"

      right now is because they do not qualify for a conventional loan. Since 2007, conventional loans

      have become much harder to qualify for - ask any mortgage broker. That is why so many properties

      that are for sale by real estate brokers don't sell. Buyers just can't get loans without almost perfect

      credit. Appraisals have also been a problem recently, so even if the Buyer qualifies, if the appraisal

      doesn't come in, they won't be able to finance it.

      Our goal is to help good, responsible people get into a home. People who will take care of it and treat

      it like their own. We've had good luck finding just that over the years.

      If the tenant-buyer exercises the Option, that's great and you make your money. If they don't, the

      advantages of having someone pay your mortgage and buy a house for you are enormous.

      We believe that selling the property as a lease-Option is the solution that is the least painful. In fact,

      it may end up being the best financial decision you ever make.

      I hope these answers give you a better idea of how this all works and helps you decide if it is for you

      or not. Feel free to call us if you have additional questions. If you are ready to go, just fill out the

      form RIGHT HERE , and we'll get started immediately. We'll blast out the details of your property

      to our tenant-buyer-list and get it transferred to one of our tenant-buyers as soon as possible.

      Monday, 27 June 2016

      2 Simple Methods for Finding Motivated Sellers With Your Wholesale Real Estate Investing Business.

      In the next couple of minutes, I am going to illustrate to you 2 quick and easy ways to search out,

      find and help motivated sellers meet their needs all while you do the following:

      • Earn profits from $3,000-$25,000 per transaction
      • Do very little work
      • Have motivated sellers and buyers giving you a "thumbs up" for helping them out

      Let me preface by saying, we do not purposely prospect the following two types of sellers:

      • "Desperate" sellers who are in danger of losing their homes
      • Behind on their monthly mortgage payments, etc.

      This is not to say it's a bad thing or that you can't help these kinds of sellers (without taking

       advantage of them, of course), but rather our focus is not on that type of seller scenario.

      We do this by design and on purpose because we are looking for quick, easy and daily ways to

      control property (without ownership), while profiting from that property, able to

      simultaneously hep a property seller meet their needs-not just ours.

      The very definition of what a "Motivated Seller" is according to this blog post is someone who has a

      need that they themselves either do not know how to resolve it, do not have the time to resolve it, or

      who knows how to solve it, but does not want to do it all on their own.

      There are 2 types of property owners we are looking to help:

      • Landlords who do not want to be landlords anymore and are now wanting to sell (or plan to do so in the next 3 yrs).
      • For Sale By Owner (FSBO's) who no longer want to sell their property on their own, but who still fuses to pay any realtor commissions (if you are a realtor, what I am about to show you will allow you to still help these types of people and profit without having to charge a commission).

      We are going to offer these two types of property sellers a Lease with the Option to buy (A.K.A

      "Rent to Own") exit strategy, and source them our tenant buyers.

      While there are many free websites where you can find these 2 groups of sellers, for ease and the

      sake of time, I am going to focus on

      Here is what you do:

      Step One: Go to and search for the following...."Homes for Rent"

      Some listing will already state "Rent to Own" or "Lease with Option to Buy", many won't though. If

      the property listing already states one of these keywords and/or phrases, chances are there is a high

      probability that the listing owner may know what he/she is doing and may not want your help. This

      is not the case all the time though.

      Ideally, you want properties that are not listed this way and are the best ones. It allows you to bring

      the most value to the owner as you, the real estate expert, will then be able to lead them through the

      whole process from beginning to end. This allows you to control the transaction as well as you are

      able to source out the buyer for them, bringing more value and  "earning your keep" so to speak.


      If you have made it thus far, you have come to the right place. As you are able to see, there are lots

      of potential listing that you can call on here, and...this is just one website. Let's not forget either that

      there are new listing each and everyday across the country on this website, so you will never run out

      of leads for your business.

      You simply click on the listing that is of interest, contact the owner, then ask them if they would ever

      consider selling their home as "Rent to Own" instead of just renting it. You will find that 1 out of 3

      or roughly 33% will say "yes" to you when presented with this option correctly.

      Think about this...

      The landlord who no longer wants to be a landlord will entertain and be open to any and all fair

      options that allows them to stay in control, get their full asking price offer, get a Tenant-Buyer

      (which is better than a normal Tenant), and... when they realize they do not have to pay a single

      penny in commissions or fees...they are going to be all ears.



      Step Two: Go to and search for...


      Click your desired state and then click here...

      Choose "Real Estate for Sale" next...

      Then choose "Real Estate By Owner" next...

      When prospecting FSBO's (For Sale By Owner) property owners, the steps are pretty much the same

      with a few small tweaks and adjustments. For FSBO, the ideal goal is to sell their property today, get

      cashed out, and be done with the property so they then can move on with their lives, correct?

      The answer is "Yes". The reality though is that more often than not these people are not able to see

      their property in the time frame they need to do so in order to avoid double mortgage payments, or

      they simply can't sell the property at all for the price they desire.

      This is where you come in...

      You are able to solve this problem by offering them to source your tenant buyers on your buyer list,

      them the price that they need or want, then essentially the property mortgage payment of their hands

      for a predetermined term length (usually 1-3 yrs.) Yes, the owner will not be cashed out right away

      today, but for the property owner that can't sell quick enough, and this is the danger in having to

      make double mortgage payments each month, or the danger of becoming and out of state landlord

      (it's hard to fix something in the house when you live out of state), this solution is the next best

      option for them.

      In both of these seller categories mentioned above, you can offer these property sellers their full

      asking price, never charge them a penny in commissions or fees, and even help them find a safer

      than most tenant buyer for their home in just 7-14 days, if you know what you are doing.