Saturday, 2 April 2016

(Blog Post) Real Estate Investor? Learn How To Buy Properties And Exit Real Estate Deals With A Profit Without Losing Your Sanity!

The more streamlined and simplified my real estate business becomes, the easier and more enjoyable

my business becomes. Think for a moment about some of the most successful businesses in your

hometown. Their business is very straight forwards, simple and they always seem to have an endless

line of customers. For example, in Milwaukee, we have a place called Kopp's Frozen Custard. It's an

institution, a staple and a tradition to all that live here.

Everyone knows where the three Kopp's Frozen Custard stands are in the city and eat there several

times throughout the year. This holds especially true over the summer time. It becomes the local

hot spot for everyone to hang out. Friends and families can relax and have some cold creamy custard

or a fresh jumbo hamburger on a warm summer night.

So how is Kopp's so successful and how does it 
relate to my real estate business?  

The secret to both businesses lies in "simplicity".

You see, when you order at Kopp's you only have a few choices. You can order frozen custard,

jumbo burgers and fries. That's pretty much it! They don't have hundreds of options on their menu.

People know what they are going to get and they are willing to wait in line for it. So many real estate

investors now a days are trying to learn hundreds of real estate investing exit strategies (methods in

which to buy and then exit a given real estate transaction for a profit), so they can close every kind of

deal under the sun. Much to their dismay, they become confused, stuck and lost when they actually

could be investing and profiting.

Kopp's Frozen Custard does not make this mistake nor should you. They keep it simple and that's the

way it should be, right? You should do the same when first starting your real estate business. It's not

necessary to know every exit strategy in order to profit. Then, as you make more profits you can add

more exit strategies to your arsenal.

Here are 2 exit strategies you would do great with and recommend learning.

  • Lease-Option contract assignments (A.K.A. "Rent-to-Own") and
  • Sandwich Lease-Option contract assignments

When you learn how to make money without money, you have the ability to make huge profits 

without spending your own cash and maxing out your credit cards. Lease options and Sandwich

leases are 2 excellent exit strategies to accomplish this goal.

They don't require:

  • Any of your own cash
  • Any of your own credit
  • Any risk
  • A real estate license
  • Years of experience
  • For you to see the property, the seller, or the buyer

Yes, you read that correctly. You can build your business anywhere in the world 100% online. You

also don't have to worry about all the risk that other investors take on. All you need to do is the


  • Learn some new terminology
  • New way of thinking
  • Be willing to share this info with home owners and tenant buyers

You can even automate 90% of your business, allowing you to build from anywhere in the first

place.We do this by first educating both the buyers and sellers on the pros and cons of lease option

deals, give them valuable tools and informational resources to help them make the best educated

decision for their needs and wants.At the end, you bring them together for their desired outcome

while profiting.

Fair enough?

Want to see how I did it?


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