Sunday, 3 July 2016

Here's How to Get 720 New Leads In 90 Days

Have you ever wondered how someone launches a business (any kind of business for that matter)

from nothing within 90 days? All the while they are earning profits and cash flow by around the end

of the 3 month mark.

Sounds too good to be true right? 

Well, it's not because I am going to show you in the next few minutes how to do the following:

  • Launch a business (any kind of business) from nothing at all
  •  Stay busy doing the right activities consistently on a daily basis
  • Practically guarantying that you amass profits on a consistent monthly basis
  • Create recurring cash flow within a 90 day period

I don't know about you, but I started off cold calling to drum up new business. The alternatives

were to go door knocking, driving randomly around town to meet new people, or connecting with

new people via friends and family.

Personally, I hated everyone of these options with a passion. Yes, I made cold calls, hundreds and

thousands of them over several years. I made cold calls though and made it work because it was the

lesser of the other two evils. I got good results with my cold calling. The problem was that I was

growing to hate it even more though. It both took a lot time and energy out of each of my days. I felt

like it was consuming more and more of my life and becoming more of a waste of time as well. Do

you know that feeling? I had this growing feeling of resentment and time being wasted because I

started realizing that it was possible to build a consistent cash flow income each and every month

without ever cold calling and knocking on doors.

So...How does one do it and...How does one do it - 100% online?

There are two main ingredients that factor in for the recipe:

  • You have to decide that you are going to, "keep the main thing - the main thing." You have to expose your business to a minimum of 10 new targeted leads each and everyday, if you are full time in your business. I refer to this set of 10 new leads each day as your "10-in-play."
  • You have to plan out your sales and marketing campaigns 90 days in advance. Again...I refer to this as "Your 90 Day Run." This is where you put "your head down and your blinders on" for 90 days, ignore all distractions, and...follow the process laid out in the previous step above for 90 days...without skipping a beat.

Think about this...

Let's say you worked 6 days out of the week, and you contacted a minimum of 10 new targeted leads

each day, that would be 240 new prospects per month. After 90 days, that's 720 new, targeted leads!

Let's not forget though, that you will need to have a "follow up system" throughout your 90 day run.

This is because the "fortune" is in the follow up.

Most people will not buy whatever you are selling the very first time they hear about it from you,

because they do not yet:
  • Know 
  • Like
  • Trust you
People buy from people. Plain and simple.

So, it's critically important that you have both sales and marketing automation along with human

touch otherwise you will struggle making sales.

We use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management tool) called Aweber to perform the automated

follow up tasks we implement with our prospects, so we can:

  • Build Trust
  • Build Relationships
  • Inform & educate our prospects
  • Find out which prospects are genuinely interested in our program and connect with them on the phone

This technique is commonly referred to as a "High Tech and High Touch" approach to sales and

marketing in business. In order to show you a bird's eye view of what this would like, I want to show

you the sales and marketing blueprint from as my guide shown here for you


This sales funnel you see is commonly used to sell digital products, but this structure can work for

any business, since all businesses have some kind of sales and marketing funnel, or at least they


The Core components in the sales and marketing funnel above are following:

  • Targeted traffic sources where your ideal customer hangs out
  • An initial free offer that leads to a (we call it a Lead Magnet)
  • Low-dollar offer that leads to your (we call it a Tripwire offer)
  • Core offer which then leads to your profit maximizer "up sell" offer or
  • Your follow up sequence to stay in touch with your prospects until they either buy from you or unsubscribe for your ongoing communications

With these core components in place, having your "10-in-play" will help you build an ongoing

business relationship that will become easier and easier to do during your 90 day run and beyond.

This especially holds true if your automating 90% of your work as we do for ourselves.

really should do this if you want to truly scale up your business.

Grab your favorite snack and watch my free video series that shows you how to automate 90% of

your real estate investing activity here.

The great reward you will have from always having your "10-in-play" is that you will never have to

deal with that emotional roller coaster that so many real estate investors deal with, because having

lots of new leads and opportunities each and everyday is the solution to the "emotional roller coaster"

in your real estate business or any other.

When you follow this straightforward and very profitable blueprint, you will not have the time to

hop on your emotional roller coaster because your business will be thriving. After 90 will

have the business momentum you need to always have monthly cash flow and huge profits coming

in all the time on autopilot.


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