Tuesday, 17 May 2016

"Embed-React:" How to Get Viral Content for Your Blog In 5 Minutes, Even If You Suck At Blogging.

When I am building out my real estate business, there is one thing at the forefront of my mind at all

times. These two concepts are "leverage" and "automation". I am always asking myself the following


1. How can I leverage my time?

2. How can I leverage my efforts?

3. How can I accomplish more and more on a daily basis with less and less work?

May I suggest that when you are building your real estate business, you review and ask yourself these

questions on a daily basis. The reason this is important is because anytime you do a "linear"activity

where you are exchanging your time for some kind of compensation or reward in return, is futile.

This is because it is all based on and dependent on your own efforts. Let me explain. Why would you

want to do an activity manually one by one over and over again? When instead, you could have a

piece of software that allows you to do an activity once, then multiply your efforts out by hundreds or

thousands of times.

This software allows any serious real estate professional such as myself to get seller and buyer leads

for their real estate business on a continuous basis with out spending all my time, energy and money.

This in my opinion is the epitome of "leverage" and "automation"! This is truly working smarter

rather than harder. I also use it to build my nationwide real estate investor affiliate side of my

business as well. I am able to share blog posts that I have written such as this one, and make

connections online that allow my messages to be delivered to those individuals who want and need it

the most.


I am going to show you right now how I use my blog posts to connect to thousands of highly

targeted real estate professionals on a daily basis. All while sharing valuable messages, inviting them

to take their online relationship to the next step with me. Here is how to build your real estate

business using a very straightforward blog along with six social media platforms to get highly

targeted traffic such as:

  • Linkedin
  • Facebook Groups
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

The next thing you want to do is to first give your readers "value" for free. Then, invite them to

continue your online relationship by giving them even more free value. You can implement this by

using an easy strategy called "Embed React". This is where you embed a video with great content

into your blog as a post. Then, respond or "react" to it by writing up a short description of what the

video is all about and what you learned from it. Lastly, you litter your blog post with 2-3 links to

another one of your free offers. These are called "Lead Magnets" because it entices the reader to

provide their name and email address in exchange for your free valuable gift, allowing you to follow

through on your promise to them. When you provide and give away content rich value, your business

will grow rapidly.


As you may have figured out, giving content rich information that you don't even have to create

yourself, allows you to give away awesome gifts first to your future business partners and customers.

This allows you to take the business relationship to the next step, building good will before you ever

ask for the sale.

Makes sense, right?

Sure it does, this is because this is the exact method you use to make your business fun, profitable

and hassle free. Our philosophy is to give first and receive second. In fact this is the same philosophy

that we teach our affiliates across the country. This allows them to not only enjoy their business

growth but their profits as well.

I want you to know that we are always looking for more talented wholesale real estate and Realtor

affiliates across the country. So, if you or someone you know might be interested, I would like to

invite you to watch our FREE 4 part real estate video series that shows our affiliates how they can

automate 90% of their business all while making more money as they do less and less work.

Click Here Now, if you would like to learn more.

I think you will be pleased that you checked it out. Congruent with our philosophy, we have added

tons of content rich information inside that you and your friends would enjoy.

Here is some of what you will learn inside this FREE, 4 part real estate video series:

  • Learn How to Invest in Real Estate Without Using Your Cash or Credit, So You'll Never Need a Bank!
  • Learn How to Automate 90% of Your Work, So You Can Spend Time Doing the Things You Truly Love In Life
  • Learn How to Outsource the Other 10% for Pennies on the Dollar, So You Can Leverage the Talents of Others.
  • How to Find Cash Flow Opportunities with Just a Few Clicks (Literally). No More Driving Around Town Looking Into Vacant Properties!
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